The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service Is Working for You

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service Is Working for You
April 9, 2013

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is a government entity that works specifically with imports. In fact, they continue to keep such illnesses as Cholera and Listeria from making it to Australian shores. In one year, the group actually stopped more than 300 food shipments because of contamination or other concerns. Consumers should be aware of the dangers they have avoided thanks to the group.

Many people don’t know what is going on behind the scenes to protect their health. However, every day, decisions are made that ensure Australian consumers don't get sick.


Six different times shipments from China were stopped. Each one of these was peanuts that never made it to Australian shores because they contained Chlorpyrifos. This is a pesticide product that could cause a variety of neurological, autoimmune, and developmental disorders. Right now, the pesticide is still under review, but it has already been banned in the US, the UK, and Australia because of safety concerns.


Several different seasonings imported from India, including chilli powder, cinnamon, and garam masala were found to include ethylene chlorohydrin. This chemical can cause everything from minor headaches to comas. Other symptoms of poisoning include blurred vision, nausea, low blood pressure, fainting, and shock.

This shipment from India arrived in August of 2012, and a total of 49 different loads were denied by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.


In more than 40 different cases, cheeses that were being imported from France were rejected. These cheeses were found to include listeria, E. coli, and salmonella. All of these bacteria can cause food poisoning. They also indicate that the processing plants providing the cheese are not using proper sanitation methods.

Listeria can be extremely dangerous to anyone; causing meningitis and even death. It can be fatal for the foetus if pregnant women consume contaminated foods. According to a professor from the University of Canberra, about one third of those who contract listeria will not survive.

Many consumers have no idea of how they are being protected. However, all imports of food products are carefully inspected before they are allowed on Australian soil. At this time, all food risks, like seafood, cheeses, beef, and tahini are carefully checked to avoid any contamination. Additionally, the group inspects the first five shipments from any supplier to ensure continued safety in the products. After that, spontaneous checks are performed without warning. This way, all imports should be safe for consumers in Australia.