Membership Program

AIFS Membership gives you access to food safety resources, news and updates that protect and benefit you, your business and your customers.

Membership benefits with invaluable returns.

Ensure your business keeps food safety 'front of mind' with AIFS Membership for you and your employees.

As an AIFS Member, you (and the business you work with) will be recognised by Health Inspectors and rewarded by customers for your professional approach to food safety.

A 12-month Membership can be purchased for only $99.95/year. Or get it for free with any AIFS nationally recognised course.

What's included in my membership?

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Regular Newsletters

So you're always up-to-date with the latest insights, news, events and information from the world of food safety.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Helpful Resources

All the guides, templates, checklists, videos, posters and fact sheets you need to run your food business safely.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Food Safety Decal

Display it on the door of your business and show customers that you're 'Serious About Food Safety'.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Updates & Recalls

Be the first to know about changes to food safety legislation, food recalls and new compliance requirements.

Member benefits for food workers

What can AIFS Membership offer me?

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Advance in your career

When you're the 'go-to' person for food safety in your workplace, managers notice. 

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Provide a business advantage

Businesses can display the Food Safety Decal while you're employed and an active AIFS member.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Prevent food poisoning

By being an expert on food safety, you can protect customers from food-borne illness and other risks.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Impress potential employers

Your commitment to excellence and advancing your skills will set you apart from the competition. 

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Manage food safety with ease

Gain access to exclusive members-only resources to continually improve food safety in your workplace.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Help people in need

AIFS donates meals to vulnerable people in the community by partnering with OzHarvest.

Membership benefits for employers

What can AIFS Membership do for my business?

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Attract more customers

Displaying our official 'Serious about Food Safety' Decal on your door gives potential customers peace of mind.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Safeguard your business

With less risk of food safety incidents, you can save your business from fines, licence suspension, prosecution or closure.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Keep food safety front of mind

Use AIFS templates, checklists, posters and other resources to improve food safety in the workplace.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Protect your customers

Employing professional food workers with nationally recognised skillsets greatly reduces the risk of food-borne illness.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Be prepared for health inspections

When your employees are well-equipped to uphold high standards of hygiene and food safety, your business will always be 'inspection-ready'.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Stand out from your competition

Differentiate your business by showing customers how serious you are about your food and their safety.

How do I become an AIFS Member?

There are two ways to become an AIFS Member:

Australian Institute of Food Safety

With a Nationally Recognised Course by AIFS

AIFS Membership is complimentary for 12 months when you register for an AIFS course:

You'll gain access to our extensive library of members-only resources and updates, a Food Safety Decal, nationally recognised certification and a Food Safety Card.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Purchase AIFS Membership

An AIFS Membership can be purchased for only $99.95/year. 

You'll receive a 'Serious About Food Safety Decal' and gain access to our entire library of food safety resources, including guides, templates, checklists, fact sheets and more. 

You'll also receive regular newsletters directly to your inbox to ensure you're always the first to know about a food safety issue that could affect your business. 


Common Questions

How long is AIFS Membership valid for?

AIFS Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date membership is purchased or from the date of registration into any nationally recognised AIFS food safety course. 

What happens when my AIFS Membership expires?

At the end of the membership period, you will be notified by email and given the option to purchase another 12 months of membership.