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The Australian Institute of Food Safety

Australian Institute of Food Safety
AIFS is Australia's leading provider of food safety education and training.Each year we help thousands of Australian organisations protect their customers and maintain food safety compliance.As a Not for Profit Organisation dedicated to the promotion of better food safety practices within Australia, the Australian Institute of Food Safety Foundation has a mandate to educate the public.In addition to training, the AIFS Foundation helps to inform and educate the food industry and general public on the benefits of sound food safety practices.

Training For Your Role and Sector

Our Food Safety Supervisor (standard and recertification) and Food Handler courses are:

  • nationally recognised
  • accepted by Health Inspectors
  • Standard 3.2.2A compliant

When you complete an official AIFS course, you comply with all state and federal legislation for food safety training.

Most AIFS courses can be completed online in just a few hours and include complimentary AIFS membership.

Trusted and recommended by the Australian Food Industry

AIFS in the Community

Oz Harvest
The AIFS Foundation tackles food-related issues throughout Australia.Our team are dedicated to reducing the number of people with food-borne illnesses and helping the vulnerable in our community who suffer from hunger.Working towards better food safetyWe believe that educating food workers and the general public is key to reducing the number of food-borne illness incidents in Australia.That's why we provide hundreds of free resources and promote food safety through the media and other channels.Helping OzHarvest feed those in need
Oz Harvest
For every Food Safety Supervisor course enrolment, we'll help to feed two people in need in partnership with OzHarvest. For every Food Handler enrolment, we'll help to feed one person.Our team work closely with OzHarvest and volunteer regularly to help collect, prepare and distribute food to vulnerable people in our community.Photo Credit: OzHarvest CEO CookOff 2016

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