Food Safety Laws & Requirements for Employees

If you currently work with food you'll already be aware of the importance of food safety. But don't forget that it's vital you keep your skills up-to-date.

Enhance your skills. Keep customers safe.

Food safety training is crucial for two main reasons:

  1. It enables you to meet your legal requirements
  2. It helps you protect your customers lives

If you're already working in the industry you've probably had some food safety training.

Now may be the ideal time to boost your expertise by completing a nationally recognised food safety course.

Why food safety should be your top priority

Some of the worst food poisoning outbreaks in recent times have occurred from simple mistakes such as someone not washing their hands properly.

If you cause a food-borne illness outbreak or don't follow food safety legislation the consequences can be serious. Here are just a few reasons why you need to make food safety your top priority:

Australian Institute of Food Safety

It's your responsibility

When you prepare or serve food to someone, their safety is in your hands. You have a responsibility to protect them from getting sick (or worse) from food-borne illness.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

It's a legal requirement

All food handlers must be trained in food safety. Plus, for most food businesses in Australia there needs to be one or more nominated Food Safety Supervisors. It's the law.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

You need to be up-to-date

When food safety laws change or there's a product recall, you need to know. If you're an AIFS member, you'll receive all the food safety information you need.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

You're a role model

If you've been at your workplace for a while, new employees will observe your actions and behave in the same way. By showing good food safety you'll be a role model for the whole business.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

You'll impress your employer

Not only will your boss be confident that you're protecting the business and it's customers, they'll be impressed with the food safety signage you'll receive after completing an AIFS course.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

You'll boost your career prospects

Having a nationally recognised course on your resume is impressive. Food Safety Supervisors are in high demand and this course may allow you to move into more senior or leadership roles.

Be aware of Food Safety Laws

Food Safety is governed by two sets of legislation - state and federal. Both are enforced at a local council level by Health Inspectors.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Federal Legislation

The federal legislation is governed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

It states that anyone who works with food must be trained in certain aspects of food safety at a level appropriate to their role.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

State Legislation

Each state has it's own Food Safety Act that needs to be adhered to.

Legislation is strictest in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT where it's mandatory to have a fully trained Food Safety Supervisor at every business location.

Your food safety training choices

The type of training best suited to you will depend on the job you have, your career aspirations and any legal requirements you are trying to meet. The two main courses to choose from are:

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Food Handler Course

This course meets federal requirements that anyone who works with food needs food safety training.

It's important that you know how to handle food safely. This course covers all the basics and provides step-by-step instructions for working in a food environment.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Food Safety Supervisor Course

The Food Safety Supervisor Course meets specific state legislation in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT.

Every food business in these states needs at least one nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor on staff, so your FSS qualification will always be in demand.

How to choose the right course for you

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Do compliance-guaranteed training

AIFS food safety training (standard and recertification) is approved to meet all federal, state and local legislation.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Check your food sector

Food Safety Supervisor training is sector-specific. Be sure to do the right course for the sector you work in.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

NSW Food Authority approved

Obtain your NSW Food Authority certificate when you complete the official AIFS Food Safety Supervisor course.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Choose ongoing training

Benefits of an AIFS membership include unlimited access to food safety guides, posters, fact sheets, video, food recalls and much more.