Food Safety Laws & Requirements for Training Managers

Large organisations need to consider federal laws, state regulations, and the role and location of employees when planning food safety training.

Food safety compliance is crucial

Food safety training can pose many challenges to large organisations:
  • It's a complex subject
  • Multiple state and federal compliance laws must be considered
  • Every employee's training must be valid
  • Many employees may need to be enrolled at different times
And ultimately, you need to protect your customers and business reputation from food incidents.It's important that your food safety training meets all requirements - and is designed for large organisations to implement, manage and update on scale.
Food safety compliance is crucial

How AIFS helps your organisation comply

for-job-seekers-icon-Compliance-guaranteed training

Compliance-guaranteed training

Our nationally recognised training is approved to meet all federal, state and local government legislation.
for-job-seekers-icon-A dedicated account manager

A dedicated account manager

Access to an AIFS expert to help with priority support enrolling students and any other business needs.
for-job-seekers-icon-Industry relevant courses

Industry relevant courses

Tailored to each food sector - Hospitality, Retail, Food Processing, Health & Community, Transport & Distribution.
for-job-seekers-icon-Ongoing learning as AIFS Members

Ongoing learning as AIFS Members

A complimentary AIFS Membership provides students and graduates with access to food safety checklists, resources and more.
for-job-seekers-icon-Easy student management

Easy student management

Through our online corporate portal you can bulk enrol employees, check on their progress, review invoices and more.
for-job-seekers-icon-Health Inspector ready credentials

Health Inspector ready credentials

AIFS graduates receive a Food Safety Card containing all proof of training details needed during a food audit.
for-job-seekers-icon-Training reminders and notifications

Training reminders and notifications

Ensure employees stay on top of their training with email and SMS course reminder notifications.
for-job-seekers-icon-Flexible billing

Flexible billing

Billing can be arranged on a per-order or monthly basis. A variety of options are available.

Partnering with Australia's largest food companies

Use our expertise to ensure your business and staff comply

You must comply with all Food Safety Laws

Food Safety is governed by two sets of legislation - state and federal. Both are enforced at a local council level by Health Inspectors.
for-job-seekers-icon-Federal Legislation

Federal Legislation

The federal legislation is governed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).Food Standard 3.2.2A sets the requirements for all food workers to have completed mandatory Food Safety Supervisor or Food Handler training.
for-job-seekers-icon-State Legislation

State Legislation

Each state has its own Food Safety Act that needs to be adhered to.This legislation often has additional requirements to those set out in Food Standard 3.2.2A. You must adhere to both state and federal legislation.

Food safety training requirements for your staff

AIFS offers two nationally recognised courses designed to meet all federal and state requirements:
for-job-seekers-icon-Food Handler Course

Food Handler Course

This nationally recognised course meets all Food Handler training requirements as specified in Food Standard 3.2.2A.It's important that your employees are fully trained in all aspects of working with food safely including safe handling of food, preventing food contamination, cleaning and sanitising, and personal hygiene.Learn more about this course.
for-job-seekers-icon-Food Safety Supervisor Course

Food Safety Supervisor Course

This nationally recognised course meets all Food Safety Supervisor training requirements as specified in Food Standard 3.2.2A.Every Australian business that serves food needs at least one nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor on staff, responsible for the overall implementation and management of food safety.Learn more about this course.