Food Safety Laws & Requirements for Job Seekers

Working with food is rewarding, whether you’re a part-time pizza maker or a head chef. Whatever your role, don't forget that food safety is crucial to your career.

Start your career the food safe way

The food sector is an exciting and growing industry to work in whether you are at home or abroad.

If you’re considering a career in the food industry, having an understanding of food safety is vital.

This isn’t just the law. You must be confident that your actions don't make your customers sick — or worse.

Food safety training is required for every food job

Everyone who works with food needs to complete training. This is not just a requirement for people who work in hospitality, it applies to food workers in all kinds of businesses that handle food, such as:

  • Cafes, restaurants and takeaways
  • Hotels and motels
  • Bars, pubs and clubs
  • Event and conferences centres
  • Casinos and gaming venues
  • Market stalls
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Service stations
  • Groceries, butchers, delis and bakeries
  • Food based charity organisations
  • Catering businesses
  • Hospitals or hospices
  • Child care or aged care facilities
  • School canteens or tuckshops
  • Food processing facilities
  • Canneries, milleries or breweries
  • Food delivery or storage services

Which food safety course do I need to do?

The training you need will depend on the type of job you want. The two main courses to choose from are:

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Food Handler Course

This course meets federal requirements that anyone who works with food needs food safety training.

It helps your job prospects too. Food business managers know that they don’t need to spend time and money on your food safety training.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Food Safety Supervisor Course

The Food Safety Supervisor Course meets specific state legislation including for NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT.

Every food business in these states needs at least one nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor on staff. This course greatly boosts your employability.

Be job ready for your food career

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Get trained as a Food Handler

At a minimum, complete the Food Handler training course so that you have the skills you need to work with food safely.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Get trained as a Food Safety Supervisor

To boost your chances of finding a job, consider a Food Safety Supervisor course that offers extra skills and knowledge.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Do compliance-guaranteed training

AIFS food safety training is approved to meet all federal, state and local government legislation.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Check your food sector

Food Safety Supervisor training is sector-specific. Be sure to do the right course for the sector you want to work in.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

NSW Food Authority approved

Obtain your NSW Food Authority certificate when you complete the official AIFS Food Safety Supervisor course.

Australian Institute of Food Safety

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