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Protect your customers, brand and bottom line. Get fully compliant food safety training from the experts trusted by Australia's largest food companies.

You can't afford to risk food safety

A food safety incident can have a crippling impact on a business. Just one employee not washing their hands properly can poison thousands of customers.

With an expert team of food safety professionals, the Australian Institute of Food Safety can deliver:

  • compliance with all food safety training laws
  • exceptional staff training
  • ongoing support and development

Trusted and recommended throughout Australia

Discover some of the companies that rely on AIFS to deliver their food safety training...

Red Rooster
Rydges Hotels
Pizza Hut
Sumo Salad
Supa Iga
TGI Fridays
Lenard's Chicken
Australia Zoo
David Jones
Kiss The Berry

Food safety laws and requirements you need to know

Food Safety is governed by two sets of legislation enforced at a local council level by Health Inspectors.

Federal laws and requirements

Governed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Federal law states that anyone who works with food must be trained in certain aspects of food safety at a level appropriate to their role.

The official AIFS Food Handler Course meets these requirements.

State legislation and requirements

Each state has it's own Food Safety Act that you need to adhere to.

Legislation is strictest in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT where it's mandatory to have a fully trained Food Safety Supervisor at every business location.

The official AIFS Food Safety Supervisor Course meets these requirements.

What can happen if we don't comply with food safety laws?

Suspended or cancelled licence

For serious offences, your food business licence may be suspended or cancelled, effectively closing your business.


For serious breaches, your employees, proprietors, managers and company directors could be charged, even jailed.

Prohibition or seizure orders

When public health is at risk, your business may be forbidden to handle food and you may have food seized from your premises and destroyed.

Significant fines

Fines (penalty notices) may be issued for each offence committed. These can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Added to a Name & Shame list

In some states, your business name will be included on a food safety 'Name & Shame' list available to the public.

Brand & reputation damage

If a serious food safety incident occurs and is widely reported in the media, your business could struggle to recover its reputation.

How AIFS helps you manage food safety risks

Compliance-based training

Our nationally recognised food safety training is approved to meet all federal, state and local government legislation in Australia.

Nationally Recognised Training

Study once, work anywhere with training that's nationally recognised throughout Australia.

Ongoing learning as AIFS members

An AIFS Membership gives students unlimited access to food safety tools, resources and much more.

Training reminders and notifications

Help employees stay on track of their training with automated course reminder notifications via email or SMS.

Industry relevant courses

Tailored to specific food sectors: Hospitality, Retail, Food Processing, Health & Community, and Transport & Distribution.

Easy student management access

Through our online corporate portal you can bulk enrol employees, review invoices and more.

Health Inspector ready credentials

Graduates will receive a Food Safety Card containing proof of training required during a food audit.

Priority support and advice

Our team of food safety trainers are here to help simplify food safety compliance for your food business and staff.