Why is Food Safety Important?

Every year in Australia, hundreds of food businesses are closed down due to food safety issues. Don't let your business become a statistic.

Food safety saves people and businesses

Around 1 in 5 people in Australia suffer from food-borne illness every year. Over 30,000 people are hospitalised.

Between 80 and 90 people die.

If your business causes a food-borne illness outbreak:

  • Your licence may be suspended or cancelled
  • You may be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • You could be personally prosecuted
  • Your business could be closed down

Read on to learn why you need to make food safety a priority for your business.

Stay compliant

Keeping your business and customers protected starts with the right food safety training for your staff. Food safety training is governed by two sets of legislation:

  1. Federal law - anyone that handles food must be trained in food safety.
  2. State law - most food businesses in Australia must have at least one Food Safety Supervisor for each premises.

Keep your customers safe

Most major food-borne illness outbreaks are caused by one of the following:

  1. Poor personal hygiene of food handlers
  2. Incorrect time and temperature control of food
  3. Inadequate cleaning and sanitising of surfaces and equipment

It takes just a few hours to learn the principles of food safety.

All employees in a food business need food safety training. It takes just one food handler doing the wrong thing to cause hundreds of customers to fall ill.

Protect your business

Each year hundreds of Australian food businesses are fined, prosecuted or closed down due to food safety breaches.

Health Inspectors can visit a food premises at any time, without warning. If serious food safety breaches are found the business can be closed down immediately.

To avoid issues, ensure all staff:

  • are trained in food safety
  • follow the Food Safety Program diligently

How to setup and maintain a Food Safety Program based on HACCP principles is explained in the AIFS HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit. The kit was designed to help food businesses create a Food Safety Program that is compliant and tailored to the needs of their business.

Stay up-to-date with food safety

Running a food business often means long, busy hours, with many things to keep track of which can make food safety low on the priority list.

To help, the Australian Institute of Food Safety offers a 12-month complimentary membership to all students who register in our nationally recognised training courses.

Members get access to additional food safety resources, including guides, templates, fact sheets, videos, food recalls, newsletters and more.

AIFS Membership can also be purchased on its own

Show customers your business cares

With food poisoning incidents making front page news and horror stories exploding across social media, food safety is becoming increasingly important to customers.

All students who complete a Food Safety Supervisor course with AIFS receive an:

  • Official Food Safety Card
  • Official Food Safety Display Certificate

The 'Serious About Food Safety' symbol on these items is recognised by customers throughout Australia.

They're a great way to stand out from competitors as a business that cares.