Food Safety Display Certificate

Put customers' minds at ease and showcase your professional food safety training by displaying an AIFS Food Safety Display Certificate in your business.

Show customers you're serious about food safety

When you complete AIFS Food Safety Supervisor training you'll receive a Food Safety Display Certificate to display at work.The Display Certificate:
  • prominently displays the widely recognised 'Serious About Food Safety' phrase
  • reassures customers they've made a good decision about where to eat
  • is sent to you immediately as part of your graduation pack
Show customers you're serious about food safety

How will I benefit from a Food Safety Display Certificate?

for-job-seekers-icon-Show customers you care

Show customers you care

The 'Serious About Food Safety' phrase assures customers their well-being is as important to you as it is to them.
for-job-seekers-icon-Stand out from your competition

Stand out from your competition

Demonstrating that you make food safety a priority reminds customers why they choose you over other food businesses.
for-job-seekers-icon-Promote staff expertise

Promote staff expertise

A Display Certificate on the wall tells customers your staff are professionals, trained to Australian standards.
for-job-seekers-icon-Showcase your expertise

Showcase your expertise

Reminds your boss that you worked hard to achieve your Food Safety Supervisor qualification and provide value to the company.
for-job-seekers-icon-Enhance your resume

Enhance your resume

Feel confident taking an Australian Institute of Food Safety course that 100% of students would recommend to a friend.
for-job-seekers-icon-Increase your value as an employee

Increase your value as an employee

Display Certificates belong to AIFS graduates, so they can only be displayed as long as you work with the business.

How do I get my Food Safety Display Certificate?

Getting a Display Certificate is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1. Enrol

Enrol yourself - or an employee - into the nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor or NSW Recertification course.

Step 2. Complete the training

Complete the training online and then have your business nominate you as their Food Safety Supervisor.

Step 3. Receive your AIFS graduation pack

We'll send you the pack containing your Food Safety Display Certificate, Decal and Card.

Where Should I Put the Display Certificate?

The Food Safety Display Certificate should be placed in a prominent position where it can be seen by as many customers as possible.

Suggested locations include:

  • near the entrance of your business
  • next to the cash register
  • close to an open kitchen
  • on a wall with other certificates and important business information

Is a Display Certificate proof of training?

The Food Safety Display Certificate is not your proof of training. Think of it as signage to demonstrate to customers that you take food safety seriously.

If you are subject to a food safety inspection, you need to show the Health Inspector:

  • your Statement of Attainment, or
  • your Food Safety Card (as shown)

Both of these items will be sent to you as soon as you complete your Food Safety Supervisor course.

Is a Display Certificate proof of training?