Foods Can Now Be Certified as Non GMO

Foods Can Now Be Certified as Non GMO
May 30, 2013

The Cert ID Company offers a specific certification for non GMO foods. Essentially, manufacturers will be able to put their items through a rigorous process through the company and if the items pass, then they will actually be labelled as non GMO. 

In recent years, more food manufacturers have been producing GMO items. That means foods that have been genetically modified in some way. Usually, that means produce that has been modified to be more resistant to insects or poor weather, but there has been a growing concern among consumers and in certain groups about the safety of these food items. While manufacturers and several groups indicate that GMO foods are tested rigorously and are safe for consumption, there are plenty who would prefer to purchase items that are specifically non-GMO. That's why Cert ID has brought a big change to the food industries in both Europe and Australia.

At this time, there are no laws requiring manufacturers to indicate their foods are genetically modified, which raises consumer concern. Many people who wish to avoid the items simply don’t know what to shop for and where to purchase their foods. This new program will ensure consumers will be able to choose items that are non GMO specifically.

Cert ID has been around for a very long time, dating back to 1999, but it has only recently become such a large entity in Europe and Australia. Recently, it has begun working in conjunction with both HACCP and PCR. Now, the whole testing process through these companies includes the Cert ID registration as well. This way, the process can be used en masse at almost any food manufacturer throughout Australia and New Zealand. The newest version of the program, 5.1 is considered to be the ultimate in GMO testing and identification available anywhere.

According to the Cert ID Managing Director, the program is designed to use expert knowledge and high technology to test foods before they are released on the market and to ensure they can be labelled as non GMO. More about Cert ID and the GMO program can be found at

For consumers who are concerned about genetically modified foods, this is good news. Now they will be able to go to a store and purchase items comfortable in the knowledge that they are not genetically modified in any way according to the standards program.