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UK Restaurant Owner Charged With Manslaughter Following Food Safety Incident

The owner of an Indian curry shop in the UK has been charged with manslaughter following the death of a customer who suffered from a severe nut allergy.

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Pittwater Council Refuses NSW Food Authority Food Safety Scheme

The council of Pittwater has refused an invitation from the NSW Food Authority to enrol in a food safety scheme, labelling the initiative “nanny state”.

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MKR Contestant Forced to Quit Following Food Poisoning Nightmare

Celine Kaponias, contestant on “My Kitchen Rules” has dropped out of the competition after significant food-poisoning left her in hospital for fifteen days.

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Will New Food Safety Reporting Laws Lead to Cover Ups?

A new federal law introduced recently states that food-related outbreaks and deaths no longer need to be reported to the ACCC by product makers and sellers.

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Easter Bunny Recall Affects Australians with Nut Allergies

Target Australia has recalled a number of Easter treats on a national scale, due to the possible presence of undeclared nut allergens.

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Banana Fungal Fears Strike Queensland Farmers

The Australian banana industry is under scrutiny as tests on fruit from Queensland have discovered a fungal disease that can wipe out entire banana crops.

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Not So Egg-cellent: Queensland’s 2015 Salmonella Crisis

According to reports, there have been 1,895 cases of salmonella reported in QLD so far this year, double the amount expected by health authorities.

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Recent Food Safety Scares Prompt New Country of Origin Labelling Laws

A proposed new system for country-of-origin labelling outlines the need for labels to show the percentage of imported and Australian content in a product.

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Cheap and Easy Maggot Meals – What’s Crawling In Your Dinner Tonight?

After a string of maggot infestation food safety scares recently, Australian shoppers are on the alert for creepy crawlies in their groceries.

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Are Supermarkets Safe? Berry Crisis Reveals Poor Food Safety Tests for Imports

Approximately 200 imported foods destined for supermarket shelves have been found to contain substances capable of provoking cholera, miscarriages and more.

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