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Watermelon Woes for Queensland Fruit Farmers

QLD watermelon farmers are on high alert for CGMMV disease. Although there is no food safety threat to humans, the virus rots and disfigures affected fruit.

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Smokers Shut Out in Tough New Laws

Smoking will soon be banned in all NSW outdoor dining areas due to tough new laws set to take effect in July this year. These new laws are aimed at improving the safety of not only the patrons of a business, but its workers as well.

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Cracked eggs

Jail Time for Egg Fraud Executives

US Egg company fined almost $7 million dollars and top-tier executives sentenced to serve jail time for bribery, fraud and breaching food safety laws. Eggs laced with poisonous bacteria were knowingly sold to customers and made almost 2000 people very sick.

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Supermarkets Cop Fines for Selling Off Food

Coles, Woolworths and IGA are amongst those fined for breaching food safety laws. The NSW Food Authority has issued big penalty notices for selling off food.

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who flag

Food Safety Declared the Focus of World Health Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has dedicated this year’s World Health Day to international food safety, highlighting it’s everyday global importance.

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sick man

Mandatory Reporting Scrapped for Food Deaths

New laws set to be introduced in Australia will mean that any death or illness caused in a food-related incident will no longer be required to be reported to authorities by the food business responsible.

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3D Printers to Play a Huge Role in Stopping World Hunger

Although the idea of printing meat you can eat might sound impossible, it’s already happening and could play an important role in stopping world hunger.

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UK Restaurant Owner Charged With Manslaughter Following Food Safety Incident

The owner of an Indian curry shop in the UK has been charged with manslaughter following the death of a customer who suffered from a severe nut allergy.

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Pittwater Council Refuses NSW Food Authority Food Safety Scheme

The council of Pittwater has refused an invitation from the NSW Food Authority to enrol in a food safety scheme, labelling the initiative “nanny state”.

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MKR Contestant Forced to Quit Following Food Poisoning Nightmare

Celine Kaponias, contestant on “My Kitchen Rules” has dropped out of the competition after significant food-poisoning left her in hospital for fifteen days.

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