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Brisbane Salmonella Outbreak Caused By Cross-Contamination

Investigators have determined a handheld kitchen blender contaminated with Salmonella caused the Brisbane Convention Centre food poisoning outbreak earlier this year.

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Could Australian Farmers Help Reduce Chronic Disease in the Middle East?

Australian farmers could hold the key to providing the safe and healthy resources needed to combat disease in the Middle East. But only if they are willing to export.

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FSANZ Encourages Importers to Follow Steps for Safe Allergen Labelling

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has issued a reminder to all food businesses and importers in the region that they must meet mandatory labelling requirements in regards to allergens.

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Updating Food Safety: The NSW Food Regulation 2015

Acting on advice received from food safety authorities, industry professionals and the public, NSW’s Food Regulation 2015 has now been decided. The aim is to minimise regulatory costs for businesses and maximise food safety for consumers.

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Could Bacon and Sausages Give You Cancer?

The WHO made headlines around the world this week when they announced that processed meats like salami, bacon and ham are carcinogenic and increase the risk of developing colon cancer.

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New App Means Secret Food Safety Inspections

Researchers have developed a new app that allows them to inconspicuously collect food safety data so they can conduct more accurate food safety inspections.

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food safety rating system SA

Food Safety Rating System Approved in SA

A new food safety rating system in SA has officially been given the green light. It allows food businesses to publically display the food safety grade they receive from regular council inspections.

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Mislabelled Coconut Drink Linked to 10-Year-Old’s Death

A Sydney importer pled guilty to food labelling charges after a 10-year-old child died from an allergic reaction he suffered after drinking a mislabelled coconut drink.

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Hepatitis Infects Green Tea Drinking Teen

A campaign to lose weight, which included drinking multiple cups of green tea, has caused a UK teenage girl to contract an acute case of Hepatitis.

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Stewart Parnell

CEO Sentenced to 28 Years Jail for Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

The CEO of the peanut company responsible for the US’s 2008-9 deadly salmonella outbreak has been sentenced to a history-making 28 years jail.

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