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Sydney Trip Turns Sickly For Twenty-Five JapaneseTourists

Earlier this week, dozens of tourists fell sick on route to a popular tourist destination in New South Wales. Sharing a tour bus to the Blue Mountains, twenty-five Japanese visitors experienced mass sickness, with ailments symptomatic of food poisoning.

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Scores on Doors: South Australia Introduces an Optimised Food Safety Rating System

A new food safety rating system is being introduced in South Australia with ten local councils already on board. The Scores on Doors system provides a star rating to food serving establishments based on the results of their food safety inspections.

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Junk Food Brands Target Kids on Social Media

Popular junk food brands have begun to find new ways of avoiding television advertising restrictions in Australia by promoting unhealthy foods through social media networks.

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Smaller Portion Sizes Becoming a Trend Among Junk Food Manufacturers

Australia was outraged when Nestle announced plans to cut the legendary Killer Python in half, but it seems they are not alone, with other sweet treats also set to be shrunk.

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Food Workers Fired After Uploading Food Safety Violations onto Social Media

The Tegel Foods’ chicken factory in New Plymouth, New Zealand, has fired two of its employees after the young men filmed themselves jokingly riding a conveyer belt – as serious a food safety issue as they come – and then uploaded the footage to social media.

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Food Safety Scare And Competition Hit McDonald’s Japan Hard

On Tuesday McDonald’s Holdings Co (Japan) Ltd (2702.T) forecasted a net loss of some 17 billion yen (97.281 million British pounds or 177.896 million Australian dollars) for 2014, its first loss in 11 years.

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China Going to Greater Lengths to Raise Food Safety Abidance and Awareness

After several incidents of food providers grossly disregarding food safety regulations, the Chinese government is putting its foot down as it vows to implement the most severe penalties for violators of food safety regulation.

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New Zealand Outbreak has MPI Scrambling for Answers

A recent outbreak of Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis in New Zealand has the Ministry for Primary Studies stumped.

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World Celebrates Food Safety With Global Handwashing Day

15th October is Global Handwashing Day. It is a great reminder of how important it is to practice proper handwashing, and how vital it is to food safety.

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Tick Off For The National Heart Foundation

After 25 years, The National Heart Foundation is set to review the Healthy Tick trademark, according to CEO Mary Barry.

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