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Vomiting Food Safety Robot

Vomiting Robot: An Innovative Research Project

What’s the best way to determine why gastro viruses are so contagious? According to two prestigious US universities it’s by building a vomiting robot..

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Salmonella Cases on the Rise but Food Poisoning Drops

Although the overall number of food borne illnesses in Australia is steadily dropping, experts are still worried as the number of salmonella poisoning cases is rapidly growing.

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Victorian Farmers Fight Food Safety Authorities

Victorian farmers who sell small produce have set up a legal fund aimed at fighting government food safety authorities they claim are hindering farmers.

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in-n-out burger

Fast Food Chain Sued for Meth Milkshake

A man in the US is suing fast food chain In-N-Out Burger after he allegedly found methamphetamine capsules in the bottom of a takeaway milkshake.

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More Maggots Found in Aldi Products

A Melbourne shopper has sworn off Aldi supermarkets after finding maggots for the second time in products she bought from the discount supermarket chain.

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Salmonella Outbreak Hospitalises Six at Prestigious Melbourne Hotel

Two luxurious High Tea events at Melbourne’s iconic Langham Hotel have been linked to a salmonella outbreak which has hospitalised six and struck down another 28.

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Food Safety Improved by New Light Technology

New non-chemical light-based technology can not only increase the shelf-life of food, it can also eliminate harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning.

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wheat crop

WA Farm Fined After Finger Amputation

A WA cattle and hay farm has been fined a total of $35,000 after an employee lost parts of three fingers due to unsafe machinery in a 2012 farming accident.

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Venomous Spiders Cause Mexican Grape Recall

Produce stores in New Zealand are recalling imported Mexican grapes after ten venomous spiders, including black widows, were found in bags of the fruit.

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fried rice

Woman Suffers Severe Throat Injuries After Swallowing Metal Dish Scrubber

A Brisbane woman has suffered from severe oesophageal scratching after she swallowed part of a metal pot scrubber which was served in a fried rice meal.

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