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New Food Labelling Laws Begin July 1

After the federal government made changes to its food labelling laws in March, businesses across the country will be required to apply new ‘easy to understand’ food labels from July 1.

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SPC Tomato

SPC Tinned Tomatoes Recalled After Explosion Fears

Have you recently purchased a can of 400g SPC Ardmona whole peeled vine-ripened tomatoes? If so, you’re advised to discard the product and seek a full refund after a national recall was issued.

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Edible Insects Creeping And Crawling Into The Mainstream

While consumers in many countries have enjoyed cooked and raw insects for generations, the whole concept of eating bugs is still a queasy one for most Westerners.

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Keep your coffee safe

5 Tips to Keep Your Coffee Safe

Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world and what many of us don’t realise, is that if its not properly kept, could make us very sick.

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Blue Ribbon Ice Cream

Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Lovers Face Recall Scare

Have you recently purchased a tub of Blue Ribbon ice cream? You’re advised not to consume and to get a refund immediately, after a recall warning was issued.

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Raw meat

Best Practices for Preparing Raw Meat

When you are cooking and handling raw meats, it’s vital that you take the proper steps to protect yourself and your family. So, we’ve listed them for you.

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Salmonella Outbreak Strikes Again in Australia

For a second time this year, further Salmonella outbreaks have been linked to raw bean sprouts according to the Department of Health in South Australia.

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Food Poisoning Sees Cricketer Miss Season Opener

Australian batsman, Shaun Marsh, missed the IPL season opener against the Gujarat Lions earlier this week after being hospitalised with food poisoning.

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New Lasers to Fight Food Poisoning

South Korean scientists have developed lasers, which are mounted on the fridge, to scan and detect microorganisms in foods so as to alert the individual.

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Food Additives

Do You Know What’s in Your Food?

There has long been a discussion over the safety of food additives and whether or not they can be harmful if consumed over time. So which ones are safe and which ones aren’t?

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