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How is a Food Safety Supervisor course different to Food Handling training?

A Food Safety Supervisor course is quite different to a food handling course.

A food handling course, such as AIFS Food Handlers’ Course, is designed to give a basic to intermediate level of competency in food safety. This qualification prepares you to work in a commercial kitchen.

Food Safety Supervisor course is a higher tier of food safety training. It is designed to meet the legal requirements for a Food Safety Supervisor set by the Australian Government.

This nationally accredited course qualifies you to:

  • Oversee a Food Safety Program
  • Build a Food Safety Planning alignment with Australian law, with customised solutions for your business
  • Direct and train staff in food safety
  • Prepare the business for a food safety emergency
  • Supervise all aspects of food safety in a business at a managerial level.

Most Australian food businesses must employ at least one person qualified as a Food Safety Supervisor to meet legal requirements in Australia. Please read the Food Safety Programs: An Overview to check whether your food business falls into this category.