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Does the Australian Institute of Food Safety offer national recognition (credit transfer)?

National recognition is offered to course participants who have already completed one or more of the required units of competency through previous formal education or training. Participants who wish to apply for national recognition will be required to submit a copy of their statement of attainment or qualification. This will then be verified by our training and assessment team with the issuing RTO before credit transfer is awarded.

The following guidelines also apply:

  • Any student is entitled to apply for national recognition in a course or qualification in which they are currently enrolled.
  • Students may not apply for national recognition for units of competency or qualifications which are not included in our scope of registration.
  • Whilst students may apply for national recognition at any time, they are encouraged to apply before commencing a training program. This will reduce unnecessary training and guide the student down a more efficient path to competence.
  • The student does not incur any fees for national recognition and we do not receive any funding when national recognition is granted.
  • National recognition may only be awarded for whole units of competency.
  • National recognition will only be issued when the student’s enrolment includes at least one other unit of competency for which the student is participating in training or is seeking recognition.
  • The recognition of a unit of competency under a national recognition arrangement is not contingent on the applicant demonstrating their currency.
  • If the unit has been previously awarded and equivalence can be demonstrated then the unit can be recognised. The currency of the applicant is not a factor to be considered.

To learn more about national recognition, or to find out how to apply, please contact us for more information.