NSW Food Authority Launches Food Safety Website for New Businesses

NSW Food Authority Launches Food Safety Website for New Businesses
July 19, 2013

Food-focused firms can learn the basics of business food safety at the NSW Food Authority’s brand new webpage. The interactive Starting a Food Business page, which is part of the NSW Food Authority’s website.

The site was designed with aspiring food entrepreneurs in mind. However, it also has a host of features that should appeal to existing members of the food industry.

“Starting a food business is an exciting venture, but it brings with it the responsibilities of food safety requirements and obligations," Katrina Hodgkinson, the Minister for Primary Industries and Small Business, said at the webpage launch.

Guidance and considerations

The page details considerations for food businesses, best food safety practices, and New South Wales’ legal, licensing, and notification requirements. Browsers answer questions to receive information tailored to their business needs. The page also features a short video which demonstrates how food retail companies should prepare and serve food to meet safety standards.

Ms Hodgkinson says the page fits well with the New South Wales government’s existing initiatives which aim to protect consumers and reduce the spread and prevalence of foodborne illnesses. These schemes include the Food Safety Supervisor, Scores on Doors, and Name and Shame programs. However, unlike these initiatives, which target existing businesses, the Starting a Food Business page looks to educate before a business gets into bad habits.

“This is about giving people access to the skills and knowledge they need to establish a safe and compliant food business,” Ms Hodgkinson explained.

Where to find help

You can find the Starting a Food Business page at http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/industry/starting-a-food-business/.