HACCP Approves a Food Safe Pest Control

HACCP Approves a Food Safe Pest Control

March 4, 2013 By Michael Stewart

Pests have always been a problem in the food industry. Many restaurants and dining establishments have been shut down or fined because inspectors found signs of rodents or insects.

However, the constantly available food makes a dining establishment a virtual smorgasbord for pests. So many pest control products are dangerous for use around foods for human consumption. Recently, HACCP released a certification for a pest control that has been graded as food safe.


The product, which has been endorsed by HACCP, is called BaitSafe. This pest control is designed to bait and catch rodents. However, unlike other pest control products, BaitSafe has been designed specifically for rooms that include food preparation or storage.

BaitSafe is a locking device that doesn’t allow pests to leave once they have been caught. This keeps the rodents from eating the poison and then going elsewhere, creating a hazard. The devices can be placed in eaves, floors, cupboards, or other spaces.

Why it Works for Pest Control

Food establishments have to be extremely careful about pest control. If they depend on regular mouse bait, they could create a dangerous situation for patrons. Generally, rodent bait doesn’t work fast, and the pest will have time to mvoe to another area, where they could spread bacteria and even poison. This is why most rodent poisons are not approved for use in dining establishments.

BaitSafe is one of the few products that have been approved by the HACCP International board. Because the pest can’t leave after entering the bait system, avoiding any further spread of bacteria and any spread of poison.

BaitSafe has won numerous awards for its safe method of dealing with pests. This includes the Australia Food Magazine’s Food Safety and Innovation Non-Food Award. The product is manufactured by MakeSafe Pty and more information about it can be found at www.baitsafe.com.au.

So many food establishments have a serious dilemma. They must find a way to deal with pests and avoid contaminated foods. If they don’t, they will be fined by inspectors or they could even be shut down. However, they can’t use many of the standard rodent baits because the bait itself can pose a serious threat to consumers. BaitSafe is one of the few pest control options that have been approved by HACCP to be used in food service environments, even in restaurants, kitchens, shops, markets, storage rooms, and dining rooms.