Coles Chicken and Vegetable Pies Recall Continues

Coles Chicken and Vegetable Pies Recall Continues
February 6, 2013

Some recalls are such a concern that the company that released the recall will reissue it on a regular basis in order to ensure that it comes to consumer attention. This would be the case with the Coles Chicken and Vegetable Pies.

These pies are sold throughout the country and not just at Coles supermarkets. They are also sold at Pick n’ Pays as well as at Bi-Lo supermarkets. This is a serious recall that should be followed by consumers.

This recall covers 700 gram packages that include four individually frozen pies. They are packaged in a plastic wrap that includes details of the pies and each pie includes its own separate plastic tray. The best before dates included on the pies could either be March 18, 2013 or March 19, 2013. Any of the pies with these best before dates are a part of the recall. They will also include the following APN number: 9300601317233.

If you have any of these pies in the freezer at home, do not eat them. They could include bone fragments that could cause choking as well as other damage to the digestive tract. If you have any of the recalled packages, take them back to where you bought them. You will be given a refund for your purchase.

Bone fragments can cause a serious threat and this recall should not be ignored by anyone. If you have questions or you are unsure of whether you have a recalled product, then you can contact Coles Supermarkets. The contact hotline for the recall is 1800 061 562. The company will be prepared to answer any questions you may have.

Some recalls may seem like only a very small threat, but you should always follow any recalls that are issued, they are only issued if there is a health hazard.