Chinese Antibiotics Could Be Dangerous for Australian Consumers

Chinese Antibiotics Could Be Dangerous for Australian Consumers
April 6, 2013

There is a big problem in China and it could affect Australian food consumers in an unexpected way. Currently, on Chinese animal farms, antibiotics are used in strong supply.Unlike the US, Australia, and the UK, which all have detailed regulations and restrictions on antibiotics use, China has no such laws. In fact, several research teams in the US have discovered extreme amounts of antibiotics in commercial pig farms.

How This is a Danger to Australia

The laws and regulations in Australia ensure that no fresh meats are ever imported to the country. In fact, throughout Australia and New Zealand, all meats available in dining establishments or in grocery stores are farmed locally. This is a stipulation designed to protect Australian consumers. However, it may not be able to protect them to the extent hoped.

There is a good reason why the heavy antibiotics use could be of concern. When Australians visit China, they could be consuming the meats and they may be bringing back superbugs to the country. In other words, travelers could bring things to Australian shores and cause dangerous side effects.

The Problem of Imports

The Australian government is also working on even stricter laws to protect all imports coming into the country. While no meats are imported, there are other things that come from China that could be contaminated. This calls for firmer laws to protect consumers from any chances of danger.

According to a highly regarded professor at the Australian National University, the laws on importing any items from other countries into Australia are not strict enough. He points out that the Australian government has very strict laws about food grown locally, but they don’t enforce the same restrictions on imports. This could pose a threat.

Should Australian consumers be concerned? At this time, there seems to be no serious threat. However, it could be a growing concern as more people are exposed to the superbug and to antibiotic filled meats. Likely, the government will enforce new import laws to protect consumers from anything that could be contaminated with these superbugs or antibiotics.

It is unknown whether or not the Chinese government has any plans to create laws to restrict the use of strong antibiotics in their meats. Because of this, all countries should be aware of the threat that could very easily turn serious for anyone exposed to superbugs from a contamination.