Allergen Recall for The Market Grocer Raisins and Fruit & Nut Mix

Allergen Recall for The Market Grocer Raisins and Fruit & Nut Mix
February 7, 2013

It can be quite dangerous when a food product includes an allergen and the ingredient information is not properly included on the packaging.

The result could pose a serious threat to someone who does have the food allergy. In fact, someone with a severe allergy could put themselves in danger if they do consume the food. That is why foods without the properly declared allergens are often recalled. A few products by The Market Grocer have been recalled because of this undeclared allergen reason.

It has been found that the products include sulphur dioxide in them, and this can be an allergen for certain people. Information is not included on the packaging. Products that fall under the recall include The Market Grocer Golden Raisins, The Market Grocer Crimson Raisins, and The Market Grocer Cranberry Fruit and Nut Mix. These products are sold in a 500 gram plastic bag. A number of different best by dates are included under this recall. Any products that have a best by date on or before November 30, 2013 should be considered a part of the recall.

The Market Grocer products under this recall have been sold at the following stores:

  • Thomas Dux Grocers
  • Harris Farm Markets
  • Independent stores in New South Wales, Victoria, and ACT

Should you take your recalled product back? If you have an allergy to sulphur dioxide, then you will need to take the product back to the store where you purchased it. You will be given a full refund since the product has been recalled. Keep in mind, though, that if you do not have an allergy or intolerance, then the product is perfectly safe for your consumption. If you would like further information about the recall, you can contact The Market Grocer directly by calling 02 9397 5870.