Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should I choose to be a Food Safety Supervisor for my business?

Choosing the right person to perform the role of Food Safety Supervisor in your business is crucial. This person will be in charge of making sure that your business remains food safe, so it has to be someone responsible.

If you’re a food business owner, you should nominate someone trustworthy – yourself, your licensee, a manager, an employee, or an external contractor – who can fulfil the legal requirements set out in the Food Act.

This means choosing a person who:

  • Can demonstrate ‘reasonable availability’ at all times to ensure accountability and to protect your business
  • Understands the role and responsibilities of a Food Safety Supervisor
  • Has the authority to supervise staff in food handling
  • Has the organisational skills to implement a food safety program
  • Can complete Food Safety Supervisor training relevant to your food industry

For more information, check out our handy guide on how to choose the right Food Safety Supervisor for your team.