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Who can sign off on my Observer Report?

Your Observer Report must be completed by someone currently employed in the industry.

Your Observer Report can be completed by:

  • Someone in the industry that you are currently working with, or
  • Someone in the industry that you have previously worked with (within the last 12 months), or
  • Someone in the industry you have volunteered with.

The really important thing is that the person writing in the examples and signing off your Observer Report has seen you do everything listed on the report more than once.

If you’re not working at the moment, then don’t worry. We often have students in the same situation. A good solution would be to volunteer for a few shifts with a charity, community organisation or other food business. Many places are happy to have volunteers help out in return for completing the Observer Report. If you’re looking for charities near you, a great place to find out more information is your local council.

If you need some help finding someone who can complete your Observer Report, please feel free to contact us and we can help explore some options in your local area.