Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions with the Australian Institute of Food Safety's Frequently Asked Questions section.

What training does a Food Safety Supervisor need?

Handy tip: Food Safety Supervisor training is industry specific so be sure to find out which course you need.

To perform the role of a Food Safety Supervisor, you’ll most likely have to complete a nationally recognised training course. Food Safety Supervisor training is different for each of the food industry sectors - hospitality, food processing, health and community and retail. So, before choosing a course, it's important to find out which industry your business falls under.

Food Safety Supervisor training teaches you the advanced skills needed to:

  • Oversee the food safety of a business
  • Protect customers from foodborne illnesses
  • Design and maintain a Food Safety Program
  • Manage physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace
  • Train employees in food safety
  • Ensure transparency and safety in the food supply chain - for example, checking that all deliveries from suppliers are safe and stored correctly
  • Serve as a point of contact for local government
  • Prepare the business for the event of a food safety emergency, such as a food poisoning incident

Once the appropriate training has been completed you will receive a Statement of Attainment which outlines the units of competency you have achieved.