Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions with the Australian Institute of Food Safety's Frequently Asked Questions section.

What training does a Food Handler need?

Although there is currently no law that states a specific training course that Food Handlers need to complete, many will choose to complete a Food Handler course.

All Food Handlers in Australia need to have current food safety knowledge, so they can ensure all food which is prepared and served is safe for people to eat. Food safety training teaches you the safest way to handle, prepare and serve food.

Also, because food businesses are responsible for making sure that their Food Handling staff are properly trained in food safety, they often include this certificate as a job requirement. This is because a Food Handler course is a great way of ensuring that all Food Handlers in a food business have received the appropriate food safety training.

What is a Food Handler?

A Food Handler is anyone who handles food as part of his or her position. This can include, chefs, cooks, supermarket workers, baristas, food processing workers, food delivery drivers, childcare workers and typically anyone else who touches food at work or while volunteering.