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What is the role of a Food Safety Supervisor in Brisbane?

The role of a Food Safety Supervisor in Brisbane is to maintain food safety in a business and minimise the chance of people becoming sick as a result of incorrectly handled or prepared food.

Food Safety Supervisors achieve this by ensuring that all food handlers receive the proper training, so that food handling tasks are correctly carried out. The role of a Food Safety Supervisor in Brisbane is also to monitor the food handlers themselves and to ensure they maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

According to the Queensland Department of Health, the Food Safety Supervisor of a food business is a person who:

  • Knows how to recognise, prevent and alleviate food safety hazards in the food business.
  • Has skills and knowledge in matters relating to food safety relevant to the food business.
  • Has the authority to supervise and give directions about matters relating to food safety to persons who handle food in the food business.
  • Is ‘reasonably available’ to be contacted by the local government that issued the licence and persons who handle food in the food business while the food business is being carried on.

The Food Safety Supervisor also has to maintain the business’s Food Safety Program. This is a live document, which always has to be kept up-to-date. It typically includes food safety records such as – temperature logs, cleaning schedules, pest control logs and any other relevant food safety documents.

The reasonably available requirement

Because a Food Safety Supervisor can’t be expected to always be on the premises, the requirement is that they’re ‘reasonably available’. This means that if they’re not on the premises, they still have to be contactable by all food handlers in the business, as well as its local council.

Also, please note though that although the Food Safety Supervisor is responsible for the overall food safety of a business, they’re not responsible for performing ALL food safety tasks in the business. Maintaining food safety in a business is the responsibility of all staff.