Frequently Asked Questions

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What are a Food Safety Supervisor’s responsibilities?

Food Safety Supervisors have many responsibilities when performing their role and maintaining food safety in a business.

The key responsibilities of a Food Safety Supervisor are:

  • Ensuring that the business complies with all relevant food safety standards and codes.
  • Keeping the food safety program up-to-date and ensuring all staff know how and when to manage records.
  • Performing checks on the business for any breaches of food safety.
  • Identifying any potential food safety hazards and putting control measures in place to prevent them.
  • Ensuring all staff receive the proper training on the correct food safety practices.
  • Monitoring all employees in the workplace are and ensuring that they maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.
  • Handling any issues of noncompliance when they arise.
  • Acting as a point of contact for all Food Handlers in the business, as well as food safety authorities.