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Statements of attainment are documents (like a certificate) that show the units of competency that a student completes as part of a nationally recognised course. Unfortunately, we can’t call them certificates because ‘certificates’ are a different type of qualification in vocational training. Sorry, we know this is a little confusing!

Your statement of attainment will be professionally printed and sent to you in a graduation pack, along with a printed display certificate that lists the name of the course you completed. For those students who complete the NSW Food Safety Supervisor course, you will also receive the NSW Food Authority Food Safety Supervisor certificate.

You may wish to use the units of competency attained through this training towards a further qualification such as a qualification in Hospitality. Please feel free to contact us if you would like details of how you can further your training in this way.

The Australian Institute of Food Safety can only replace statements of attainment that it originally issued.

If you need a replacement, please contact us with your name, date of birth, address and reason for replacement and we can organise to have one sent to you.

Please note, there is a small charge associated with re-issuing a statement of attainment.

If you lose your NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate, you can contact the NSW Food Authority and request another one.

Each state in Australia has different requirements for food safety refresher training.

The statement of attainment that you receive from the Australian Institute of Food Safety doesn’t have an expiry date. However, a Food Safety Supervisor certificate issued by the NSW Food Authority does need to be redone every five years.

In the ACT, the current legislation states that you also need to refresh your Food Safety Supervisor training every 5 years.

We recommend you keep an eye out for any legislative changes that might affect you or your business, including new units of competency being released. This is because it’s your responsibility to check the legislation for your state to find out if, and when, you need to refresh your food safety training.

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