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Is previous work experience enough to replace Food Safety Supervisor training?

You may have already completed the Food Safety Supervisor units of competency in previous training.

This will depend on a few things. If you live in Queensland, Victoria, NSW or the ACT, and have been told that you need to provide your local council with proof of your Food Safety Supervisor qualification, this needs to be either a Statement of Attainment with the correct units of competency on it, or a NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. In this situation, you need to have completed specific training and previous experience alone is not enough.

However, if you have already completed training which included food safety subjects, for example, a hospitality qualification, may already have completed the training needed to be a Food Safety Supervisor. If this is the case, before beginning any further training, first check any previous qualifications for the specific units of competency you require. Bear in mind though that some units of competency might be superseded or even expired. To check out the current units of competency for each food sector, you can visit the Food Industry Sectors in Australia.

Similarly, Registered Training Organisations engage in recognition of prior learning. This is a process that examines any previous informal or formal education relevant to food safety and hygiene. This assessment can determine whether a person already meets the correct competencies to be a Food Safety Supervisor.