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Do you need a Food Safety Supervisor in Melbourne?

Because food businesses in Melbourne are all so different, there isn’t one set of rules for everyone. However, most food businesses will require at least one Food Safety Supervisor to be employed.

Local councils judge the Food Safety Supervisor requirements of each food business on a case-by-case basis. The main factors they look at are – the types of high-risk foods being prepared and the chance of the business’s food making someone sick.

If foods are considered high-risk, it means they have a higher chance of rapid bacteria growth. Some examples of high-risk foods include meat, dairy products, seafood and poultry. So, if you use these types of foods in your business, then you will most likely have to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor.

If your food business does need a Food Safety Supervisor before you complete your training, it’s a good idea to contact your local food authority - usually your local council - and check which food industry your business falls under. This lets you know which industry your Food Safety Supervisor training needs to cover, and ensures that you complete the right course.