Unit of Competency: FBPFSY2001 – The Food Processing Sector

FBPFSY2001 takes an in-depth look at what is required to implement a Food Safety Program, and how to identify and correct any possible food safety breaches.
May 10, 2019

Food Safety Supervisor training is industry specific. When you complete your training you will be awarded a Statement of Attainment containing units of competency relevant to your industry. This series of unit of competency guides is designed to tell you more about the units of competency that you will be awarded.

For a full list of industries and their associated units of competency, please see our Food Safety Supervisor Industry Overview.

About FBPFSY2001

This unit is one of two required to be a Food Safety Supervisor in the food processing sector. FBPFSY2001 takes an in-depth look at what is required to implement a Food Safety Program and how to identify and correct potential food safety breaches.

Having completed this unit of competency, the student is expected to be able to participate in improving food safety in the workplace, including identifying food safety risks, applying control measures, acting on non-compliances and maintaining personal hygiene standards. This includes wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, moving around the workplace in compliance with the Food Safety Program and knowing what to do in the case of illness.

Unit Descriptor

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to maintain personal hygiene and conduct work tasks where work involves operation of production and packaging equipment and processes. 

Application of the Unit

This unit applies to individuals who participate in and comply with safety programs in the food processing sector. It does not apply to the pharmaceutical industry. This unit supersedes and is equivalent to FDFFS2001A - Implement the Food Safety Program and Procedures.

FBPFSY2001 was released with the FBP Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Training Package Version 2.0. It was updated to meet Standards for Training Packages.

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