9 Steps to Becoming a Food Safety Supervisor With AIFS

We’ve outlined the eight steps you need to take to become qualified as a Food Safety Supervisor with the Australian Institute of Food Safety.
March 28, 2016

We’ve outlined the eight steps you need to take to become qualified as a Food Safety Supervisor with the Australian Institute of Food Safety.

Step 1

First, you'll need to choose the right course for your location. If you live or will be working as a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW, you’ll need to enrol in the NSW specific course. This is because there are different food safety laws in NSW and this course gives you the certificate issued by the NSW Food Authority.

Step 2

Enrol in your chosen course. To do this takes just a few minutes, you’ll need an email address, your contact details and you can pay using either credit card or PayPal.

Step 3

Check your email and open your welcome emails, which include your User ID, the password you setup when you enrolled and a link to log into your account. Follow this link and enter these details and you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. Next, click on ‘My Account’ and your Food Safety Supervisor course will be displayed on the page, ready for you to enter.

Step 4

Enter your course and complete the online lessons. To do this, you first watch each of the video presentations and then complete the multiple choice quizzes. After this, there are two case studies, and a reading activity for those students in the NSW course, which each have a quiz.

Step 5

Determine which units of competency you'll need to complete in your Food Safety Supervisor course. To help you do this, we’ve put together a handy resource that outlines the different food industry sectors. You can use this to:

  1. Check which food sector your food business belongs to
  2. Match your food sector against the Food Safety Supervisor units of competency you'll need to complete

Step 6

Ensure that your nominated observer has completed the Observer Report (this can be done by printing the document or completing the form online).

Step 7

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the course page and complete your Final Submission. This is where you upload any documents that we've requested from you. You’ll also have to answer a few questions, and confirm that you completed the course without any outside assistance.

Step 8

Our assessments team will then process your Final Submission and you’ll receive your Statement of Attainment, and NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate if applicable, via email within a couple of business days. The hard copy will arrive in the post a few days after that.