Staying Safe When Enjoying Mail Order Food

As the practice of delivering food through mail order it’s still important to know how to ensure safe choices on your part
December 29, 2012

We’re definitely living in a day and age that finds people more pressed for time and energy than ever before. 
That means people from all walks of life and in all the nations of the world are looking for ways to save time and increase the level of convenience they enjoy in regards to the meals they prepare.

Time savers are especially high on everyone’s priority list. For this reason, we’re seeing a lot of modern families turning to mail order for a solution to their time crunch issues. However, while the practice of delivering food through mail order comes attached to a decent record and history as far as safety, it’s still important to know how to ensure safe choices on your part.

Making Sure Food Has Been Handled Properly

One of the most important things when ordering food by mail order is to make sure that your items are being handled according to modern safety standards. For instance, make sure that all perishable items – especially any meat, poultry, or seafood – come packed in heavy-duty foam or cardboard, as well as that they’re shipped frozen and in tandem with a cold source.

Don’t order food that won’t be delivered extremely quickly – overnight whenever possible. All packaging should be stamped with warnings and directives to “keep refrigerated”.

Proper Handling of Food Once Received

When you receive your shipment, be sure to open it immediately upon receiving it. Check it promptly for temperature. It should still be covered with ice crystals. Barring that, it should at least be cold enough to equal refrigerator temperatures. Never, ever should the food be warm! In the event that it is, throw it away immediately and do not consume. Follow up by notifying the company you purchased from of the situation.