Advanced Food Safety Course

Improve your food safety skills, knowledge and expertise through our Advanced Food Safety training.

Advanced Food Safety Course

Ensure that your customers and staff are protected by enrolling in our nationally accredited Advanced Food Safety training. Suitable for food workers looking to gain advanced knowledge for their industry, this training provides students with an in-depth understanding of managing food safety in the workplace, as well as legal requirements about Food Safety Plans and adhering to HACCP principles.

The Unit of Competency delivered by the Advanced Food Safety course is 'SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices'.

Note. The Unit of Competency SITXFSA002 now supersedes SITXFSA201.

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What is Nationally Recognised Training?

Nationally recognised training is formal training designed to meet industry standards.

Obtaining a nationally recognised qualification means that you can be confident that the skills and knowledge you attain are recognised and valued across Australia.

Registered Training Organisation

Nationally Recognised Training is delivered in association with Australian Institute of Food Safety (Registered Training Organisation) (#41127).

  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Approved for all Australian States and Territories
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What you'll learn

Our Advanced Food Safety training is broken down into small, manageable sections each designed to further your understanding of food safety in the workplace.

  • Food Safety Laws & Responsibilities

    Learn about food safety laws in Australia at a national, state and local level. Understand the responsibilities you will have in the workplace as a Food Handler or Food Safety Supervisor.

  • Understanding Food Safety

    Develop an in-depth understanding about food poisoning - what causes it and the dangers involved. We'll also take a look at the risks and symptoms of food poisoning and intolerances.

  • Maintaining a Clean Workplace

    Cleaning and sanitising techniques, pest control, waste disposal, waste minimisation and reporting requirements are all covered in the Advanced Food Safety course.

  • Implementing Food Safety

    Learn how to store, handle, prepare and serve food safely. The Advanced Food Safety course takes an in-depth look at best practice for food safety in the workplace.

  • Food Safety Programs

    In Australia, Food Safety Plans must be based on HACCP principles. We'll take a step-by-step approach to understanding these, as well as looking at other requirements for Food Safety programs.

  • Monitoring & Controlling Food Safety

    Understand how to apply HACCP principles in your workplace, and the techniques that you can use for monitoring and controlling food safety critical control points.

Learning that meets your needs

At AIFS, we understand that every student learns differently and we want to help to meet your training needs.

Online Courses

At the Australian Institute of Food Safety we believe that online learning should be fun, engaging and effective. With that in mind, we have developed our online courses to maximise the learning outcomes for our students.

Our courses are broken down into small, manageable sections which comprise of presentations, interactive tasks and quick quizzes - all designed to improve learning and keep students interested.

The assessment comprises of three parts - online quizzes, online case studies and a downloadable observer report and declaration. The observer report must be completed by someone (usually in your work place) who has observed you completing food safety related activities. Typically the course takes around 3-4 hours.

What's more, you don't even need to sit at a computer or laptop to complete the course. By using the latest eLearning technologies, our courses now work on most mobile tablet devices. Typically the course takes around 3-4 hours.

If you are concerned about the language, literacy or numeracy requirements of this course, or if you require additional support during the enrolment and course delivery process then we encourage you to contact us in order to discuss your individual needs with a student support representative.

Classroom Courses

At AIFS, we understand that online training doesn't suit everybody and that some people simply learn better in a more traditional classroom based environment. We are pleased to offer training to meet these needs.

We can arrange training to be delivered at your workplace, or at a classroom local to your business location, and we have qualified professional Food Safety trainers to deliver this.

If you would like more information about our classroom based training, why not call us on 1300 797 020 or Click here to send us an email.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Requirements

In order to complete this course you should be able to perform everyday tasks such as:

  • Using an instant messenger tool
  • Using email at work
  • Responding to customer complaints
  • Following a recipe

If you have any concerns about whether you have the skills required to participate in this course, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.