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food allergy week

Get Involved in Food Allergy Week 2015

Authorities are using this year’s Food Allergy Week to remind food manufactures of their responsibilities in safely managing food allergies in Australia. Get involved and show your support to help raise awareness of this very important issue!

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US Food Safety Takes a Catastrophe to Change

According to recent history it takes a catastrophe to bring about change to food safety legislation in the US. Experts say current progress towards better national food safety is not being made fast enough and one has even claimed, ‘we need bodies in the streets before we get it.’

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Food Safety Targeted by G20

G20 agricultural ministers met in Turkey to discuss how best to reduce food wastage and improve production security standards and overall sustainability. The results of the demand on natural resources and the effects of climate change have seen an increase in the need for a sustainable global food model, one that can support the necessary rise in productivity needed.

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Food Safety Training Gains Global Momentum

Food safety training is rapidly being recognised as a multilevel discipline that needs a global food safety curricula. Together with the WHO, IUFoST invite you to have your say in deciding the curricula.

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Australia’s Food Safety Knowledge Hit and Miss

Experts are worried following the results of a recent survey into the level of knowledge the average Australia has about food safety and hygiene. People and their families are at risk of serious illness if exposed to poor food safety.

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5-Second Rule: Myth or Fact?

Is the infamous ’5-second rule’ actually true? Are household cooks or even chefs using this urban legend to justify using up that dropped piece of food – and would you eat the food if they were?

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Where Not to Eat in Brisbane 2015

What is the worst restaurant in Brisbane for food safety? Which suburbs should you avoid? How many restaurants had pest problems? The results are out!

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Smokers Shut Out in Tough New Laws

Smoking will soon be banned in all NSW outdoor dining areas due to tough new laws set to take effect in July this year. These new laws are aimed at improving the safety of not only the patrons of a business, but its workers as well.

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Food Safety Declared the Focus of World Health Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has dedicated this year’s World Health Day to international food safety, highlighting it’s everyday global importance.

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UK Restaurant Owner Charged With Manslaughter Following Food Safety Incident

The owner of an Indian curry shop in the UK has been charged with manslaughter following the death of a customer who suffered from a severe nut allergy.

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