Safe Food Practices


Tracking Issues Highlighted in China after Further Food Safety Scares

In the latest Chinese food safety scare, Heinz, has recalled batches of infant food products in China, following reports that the product contained lead.

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Food Safety Scandal in China Hits Various Fast Food Chains

Global fast food chains, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and KFC have found themselves embroiled in yet another food safety scandal this week. ‘Yum’, the parent company of the well-known fast food brands has issued an apology to its customers following the arrival of another food safety scare in China. A recent TV report forced Chinese regulators to …

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Brisbane Diner Finds Live Roach in Risotto

The DM Restaurant and Jazz Bar in South Bank, Brisbane, has been fined $24,000 after a diner found a live cockroach in her chicken and mushroom risotto. According to the Courier Mail, the diner was horrified to find the insect. “I was just about to tip on some parmesan and my daughter-in-law said: ‘Oh my …

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Cup of coffee with coffee beans

Is it Safe for Children to Drink Coffee?

These days it’s not unusual to see toddlers and other children sitting with their parents and enjoying a babycino (frothed milk with chocolate powder on top) as their parents sip on their latte or flat white. But in what could be a more disturbing trend, more children and teenagers than ever before are drinking real …

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Viral Gastroenteritis

Don’t Cook When You’re Crook say NSW Food Authority

Whilst we often associate the summer months with an increase in food related illnesses due to increased temperatures, food handlers and their employers need to remember that winter is also a high-risk time due to an increase in viral gastroenteritis. This highly infectious condition causes vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches and muscle aches and is easily passed …

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masterchef favourite

Masterchef Favourite Eliminated Due to Food Safety Blunder

This week saw Masterchef contestant, Sarah Todd, eliminated after serving raw chicken to the judges. Sarah, a model from Queensland, was one of the hot favourites to win the series. The dish in question was a chicken roulade stuffed with apples and mushrooms, but the raw chicken meant the dish couldn’t even be tested by judges Matt Preston, …

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Chef preparing food

Authentic Australian Foods and A Healthy Conscience: Upcoming 2014 Food Trends – Part 2

Continuing on our expedition through food trends that dominate Australia in 2014, we’ll delve into how you can incorporate native ingredients, distinctive Australian flavours, miniature vegetables, and healthy options safely into your food business’ menu to take advantage of Tourism Australia’s campaign to put on a spotlight on Australia’s food and wine industry. The first article, How …

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Handle Seafood Safer This Easter

According to the business analysts at IBISWorld, Aussies are expected to spend around $24.4 million on seafood this Easter, up from $23.6 million last year. If you’re going to be indulging in the fruits of the sea this holiday season, it’s important to handle and prepare your seafood with care. Keep Your Seafood Chilled Make …

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How A Food Safety Supervisor Course Can Benefit Your Business

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the atmosphere is lively, the menu promising, but you have a nagging feeling that something is wrong? The riverside view is perfect, but the menu hasn’t been wiped down by the waiter and your drinks arrive in dirty glasses. When the waiter coughs in his hands, the …

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Food Safety Concept

How to Manage Allergic Reactions

Recently, a five year old boy suffered a severe allergic reaction to undeclared tree nuts in the Coles brand hollow milk chocolate easter eggs. This raises the question: How can you protect yourself and your family against known and unknown food allergies? How Common Are Food Allergies? Food allergies are very common and becoming more …

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