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Fonterra Crisis Results in NZ Food Safety Council

New Zealand’s Food Safety Minister, Nikki Kaye, today confirmed that an independent Food Safety Assurance Advisory Council is now set up to advise the New Zealand Government on food safety issues. The first meeting for the council will be in July this year. The establishment of the council is a direct result of a Government inquiry into Fonterra’s …

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Dog Food for Dinner Tonight?

UK food blogger Colin McQuistan this week released a fascinating blog about his experiences eating dog food. Be warned: Reading his blog entry is not advised for those feeling nauseous! Or for those with a curious nature planning to pick up a can of tinned tomatoes from the supermarket anytime soon. As McQuistan himself comments about the …

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Exploring Australia’s Potential To Become a Supplier of High Quality Food in China

With new laws on food safety coming into effect in China this month, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott keen to seal a free trade agreement between Australia and China, Australia is touted to become the ‘food bowl’ of Asia. Australia may not likely become the ‘food bowl’ of the region like the government claims, but it …

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Fine Food Queensland Cooks Up a Storm

Fine Food Queensland cooked up a storm this week at a three day, trade-only event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Local and national exhibitors displayed a mouth-watering array of foods, celebrity chefs such as Alastair McLeod, Kirsten Tibballs and Matt McAllister presented some excellent sessions, and we had a real treat when local …

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What’s Hot, What’s Not and What’s Next in Hospitality

At Fine Food Queensland this week, John Hart, CEO of the Restaurant and Catering Association Australia delivered an enthralling presentation on trends in the hospitality industry in Australia. In this article, we’ll provide a summary of what’s hot, what’s not and what’s next in Australian hospitality sector. What’s Hot January 2014 saw a 19% increase …

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Oil Drums

Is Sustainable Palm Oil A Sustainable Option For Food Manufacturers?

Just last week, the world’s largest consumer products company, Proctor & Gamble changed its policy for palm oil supply in reaction to pressure from activist group Greenpeace, vowing to use only sustainable palm oil in its products. The Sustainable Palm Oil Trend The trend toward sustainable palm oil is growing in leaps and bounds. As consumers revolt against …

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Donghuamen Night Market

New laws in China to tackle rampant food safety problems

Infected snail meat, poisonous mushrooms, goat meat marinated in duck urine to make it taste and smell like lamb – these are just some of the culinary delights that China’s food industry have served to its citizens since 2006. In a move to clean up China’s international reputation for appalling food safety, new food safety laws will …

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Queensland Sizzler Investigated After Alleged Gastro Outbreak

A Sizzler restaurant in the Queensland surburb of Booval, in Ipswich, is under investigation following a suspected outbreak of gastroenteritis. Several restaurant patrons fell ill after dining at the popular buffet restaurant in late February. Lab Tests to Determine the Outbreak’s Cause Public health physician Dr Kari Jarvinen said lab tests using samples from customers …

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Western Australian Researchers Develop Infrared Food Quality Test

Researchers at the University of Western Australia believe infrared technology could hold the key to more accurate, non-destructive food quality testing. Allowing for Food Items Moving Down a Conveyor Belt to be Easily ‘Tagged’  In the past it’s been difficult to classify foods accurately due to differences in the size, colours, and surface textures of …

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Auckland Council Concerned About Food Stall Safety

Auckland Council fears large-scale food poisoning outbreaks may occur at major local festivals if potential reforms to New Zealand’s Food Bill are passed. These changes would see food stalls, like those at the Chinese Lantern Festival and Diwali, operating with little regulation. Considering Amendments to the 2010 Food Bill The New Zealand parliament is currently …

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