Can One Chicken Feed the World? A Closer Look at Lab-Produced Meat.

An Israeli non-profit organisation called the Modern Agricultural Foundation is looking at the feasibility of mass-produced cultured chicken meat. Their goal is to make lab-grown meat available as soon as possible to offset the environmental and animal welfare impacts associated with traditional meat production.

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Yet Another Salmonella Outbreak in Brisbane

Hot on the heels of a salmonella outbreak earlier this month which affected over 130 people, dozens more people in Brisbane have been hospitalised with salmonella poisoning.

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New Zealand Winemakers Fighting Increased Food Safety Fees

Earlier this week the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand announced a proposed $12.8 million increase in fees in order to maintain food safety levels and protect biosecurity risks.

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Nutrition Label

Government Encouraging Healthy Living with a More Efficient Product Labelling System

The Australian government is currently in the process of developing a more efficient product labelling system for consumers. The aim of this initiative is to encourage healthier choices by making product labelling easier to read and understand.

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Top 10 Costliest Foodborne Pathogens

A recent report by the USDA considered the costs of various foodborne pathogens. Let’s take a look at the top 10 costliest foodborne pathogens in the US and their impact in Australia.

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South Brisbane Salmonella Outbreak linked to Chinese Restaurant

One of the largest food poisoning outbreaks ever reported in Queensland is currently being investigated after more than eighty diners fell ill from salmonella poisoning due to dining at a Springbrook restaurant last weekend.

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Would Plain Packaging Help Fight the Childhood Obesity Crisis in Australia?

A global approach is being taken to restrict marketing of junk foods to children. Would plain packaging of these foods, similar to that which has been implemented for tobacco here in Australia, help to combat the childhood obesity problem?

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Undrinkable Ingredient to be Added to Raw Milk in Victoria

Unpasteurised milk in Victoria must have a gag-inducing bitter ingredient added to it according to new legislation announced last week. This follows the death of a small child from the Mornington Peninsula in December 2014 after consuming unpasteurised Mountain View Organic Bath Milk.

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Food Safety Concept

Food Safety Announced as the Topic for World Health Day 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that World Health Day 2015 will focus on the importance of food safety. The occasion will be used to raise awareness for the increasing importance of food safety in the current globalisation of the world’s food supply.

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Cruise Ship Passengers Bound for New Zealand Suffer Food Poisoning

Approximately 200 Australian cruise ship passengers bound for New Zealand have been restricted to their cabins after exhibiting severe food poisoning symptoms. After some investigation, the Canterbury District Health Board announced that the cruise ship, The Dawn Princess had been infected with Norovirus.

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