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70 Percent of UK Supermarket Chickens Contaminated

A recent survey conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), has uncovered a serious Campylobacter outbreak, affecting 70% of fresh, shop-bought chickens in the UK.

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Settlement Offered in Landmark Australian Food Poisoning Case

Soy milk company Bonsoy has offered $25 million compensation to 500 victims in perhaps the largest settlement for a food poisoning case in Australian legal history.

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Souping Up Food Safety Controversy

New York based performance artist Ei Arakawa put food safety front and centre at London’s prestigious Frieze Art Fair.

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Pet Meals Now on the Menu in Sydney Restaurants

The addition of pet meals to Sydney menus has become a growing trend. Eight Sydney restaurants – and counting – have publicised a take-away option for furry family members

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A Capital Tick For Food Safety Supervisors and Inspectors

Local business operators in Canberra have given an 81 percent approval rating to the territory’s Food Safety Supervisors and Inspectors according to a new government commissioned survey.

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33 Recorded Cases of Toxic Fish Poisoning in Townsville

Townsville has reportedly seen 10 new cases of ciguatera food poisoning, caused by contaminated spanish mackerel, totalling 33 cases this year.

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Raw Egg Mayonnaise Considered More of a G20 Threat than Terrorism

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Jeanette Young, stated this week that she was more concerned about the threat of “raw egg mayonnaise” than terrorism at the upcoming G20 in Brisbane, with major hospitals primed to take action in the case of a mass food poisoning event.

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Rural Fast Food Addicts Risk Health for Burgers

Health experts have highlighted the food safety risks associated with transporting and eating fast food in remote areas of Western Australia.

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State of Industry Report Indicates Resilience in the Food and Grocery Sector

The sixth edition of the annual State of the Industry Report released by the Australian Food and Grocery Council indicates that Australian food and grocery industries have been showing a steady growth in spite of the various challenges and food safety scares.

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Farmers Take a Stand Against Poor Country of Origin Labelling Enforcement

A number of breaches of country of origin labelling laws have taken place in Australia, leading to the demand for stronger enforcement and harsher penalties.

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