Food Studies


How Safe is Australian Honey?

Australian supermarkets, beekeepers and FSANZ are standing behind local honey despite a recent study which suggests it contains an excessive amount of natural toxins linked to chronic disease.

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food in crates

Could Australian Farmers Help Reduce Chronic Disease in the Middle East?

Australian farmers could hold the key to providing the safe and healthy resources needed to combat disease in the Middle East. But only if they are willing to export.

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Updating Food Safety: The NSW Food Regulation 2015

Acting on advice received from food safety authorities, industry professionals and the public, NSW’s Food Regulation 2015 has now been decided. The aim is to minimise regulatory costs for businesses and maximise food safety for consumers.

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Could Bacon and Sausages Give You Cancer?

The WHO made headlines around the world this week when they announced that processed meats like salami, bacon and ham are carcinogenic and increase the risk of developing colon cancer.

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New App Means Secret Food Safety Inspections

Researchers have developed a new app that allows them to inconspicuously collect food safety data so they can conduct more accurate food safety inspections.

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Vomiting Food Safety Robot

Vomiting Robot: An Innovative Research Project

What’s the best way to determine why gastro viruses are so contagious? According to two prestigious US universities it’s by building a vomiting robot..

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Salmonella Cases on the Rise but Food Poisoning Drops

Although the overall number of food borne illnesses in Australia is steadily dropping, experts are still worried as the number of salmonella poisoning cases is rapidly growing.

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More Maggots Found in Aldi Products

A Melbourne shopper has sworn off Aldi supermarkets after finding maggots for the second time in products she bought from the discount supermarket chain.

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Food Safety Improved by New Light Technology

New non-chemical light-based technology can not only increase the shelf-life of food, it can also eliminate harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning.

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Experts Warn: Dangers of Online Breast Milk Market

The online breast milk market is ‘booming’ and experts are trying to warn consumers of the potential health risks that surround this controversial issue.

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