Food Safety Tips


Handle Seafood Safer This Easter

According to the business analysts at IBISWorld, Aussies are expected to spend around $24.4 million on seafood this Easter, up from $23.6 million last year. If you’re going to be indulging in the fruits of the sea this holiday season, it’s important to handle and prepare your seafood with care. Keep Your Seafood Chilled Make …

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How A Food Safety Supervisor Course Can Benefit Your Business

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the atmosphere is lively, the menu promising, but you have a nagging feeling that something is wrong? The riverside view is perfect, but the menu hasn’t been wiped down by the waiter and your drinks arrive in dirty glasses. When the waiter coughs in his hands, the …

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3 myths about foodborne illnesses

3 myths about food safety and foodborne illnesses

According to Food Safety Australia New Zealand, people shouldn’t assume food is safe because it’s local, organic or properly cooked. This is particularly important for businesses that do not have a food safety structure in place and carry out food handling tasks without proper food quality testing. Don’t think that this applies to you? Here …

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Have a Food-Safe Barbeque This Summer

Most Australians and New Zealanders will fire up their barbeques this summer. But did you know one of our favourite meals could create a health disaster if you’re not careful? Experts Give Meat Safety Tips Food safety experts recommend keeping meat refrigerated until you’re ready to cook it. Meat is more likely to grow bacteria …

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Food Safety Information Council Issues Work and School Lunch Warning

The Food Safety Information Council has encouraged Australians to take care when packing work and school lunches this year. The council’s research shows four out of five adults, and nearly all children, eat packed lunches. However, many adults are not following basic food safety procedures when preparing and storing these meals. Lunches are Eaten Four …

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Australian Chefs Speak Out on Sous Vide Safety

Sous vide is one of the most popular contemporary cooking techniques amongst Australian restaurants, but local chefs say home cooks needn’t be nervous about trying the low-heat method if they follow some basic food safety rules. Sous vide sees food vacuum-sealed in pouches and cooked slowly at a low temperature in a water bath at …

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Australian Experts Name Foods Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning

We all get a little nervous about raw chicken and dodgy takeaway dinners, but Australian food experts say we should be worried about the safety of many more foods than this. Representatives from Food Standards Australia New Zealand and Food Safety Information Council recently told the seven foods most likely to give you food …

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Australian Consumers Ignoring Food Safety Recommendations

A recent Australian Newspoll survey commissioned by the Food Safety Information Council for Australian Food Safety Week has found Australians show little regard for food safety warnings and practices. The study found just 55 percent of shoppers always read and comply with “use by” dates” and 45 percent heed “best before” dates. “Frightening is not …

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Food Safety Training Essentials

The flu season will be shortly upon us. Medical centres are already advertising flu vaccinations to try to abate the inevitable outbreak this year. During this period we must be extra vigilant regarding food safety and personal hygiene while working in all areas of food preparation. Germs love to travel and there are many ways in …

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Through the Looking Glass

We are all concerned about food safety. But how would you feel if you opened a tin of seafood and saw glass shards inside? Well, some people have been reporting seeing such items to ‘Food Standards Australia New Zealand’.  This is a case of mistaken identity. While this is not a very common event, it …

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