Food Safety Tips


Australian Food Safety Week to Focus on the Danger Zone

The Food Safety Information Council has announced that the theme for Australian Food Safety Week this year will be the temperature danger zone in food preparation and storage.

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“The Cruise From Hell”: Norovirus Hits Singapore-Bound Ship

Norovirus gastroenteritis, a digestive tract virus that can cause vomiting, stomach cramps, fever and diarrhoea, recently struck an Australian ship bound for Singapore, with more than 100 people out of the total 2,000 on board affected.

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Social Media to be a Valuable Tool in Maintaining Food Safety

Social media is no longer just a means of recreational and commercial communication, it has also become a valuable tool that the food authorities are keen to utilise in order to detect food safety breaches.

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Brisbane Restaurants Slapped With Massive Food Safety Fines

2014 has not been kind to restaurants and eateries in Brisbane, with some of the most frequented establishments handed food safety fines totalling over $700,000.

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WHO Issue Food Safety Reminders in Light of Ebola Outbreak

In response to the latest outbreak of the Ebola virus across Western and Central Africa, the WHO has issued a food safety reminder to those in the region.

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Group of students training on computers.

Food Safety Training – What You Need to Know

This article addresses many questions we get asked by students who are unsure about what to look for in food safety and food safety supervisor training.

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masterchef favourite

Masterchef Favourite Eliminated Due to Food Safety Blunder

This week saw Masterchef contestant, Sarah Todd, eliminated after serving raw chicken to the judges. Sarah, a model from Queensland, was one of the hot favourites to win the series. The dish in question was a chicken roulade stuffed with apples and mushrooms, but the raw chicken meant the dish couldn’t even be tested by judges Matt Preston, …

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top surprising foods

Top Surprising Foods That Might Be Making You Sick

Your boss is lactose intolerant, your friend refuses to eat soy, and your coworker swells up with stomach aches and vomiting when they eat foods containing gluten. As more convenient, processed foods inundate our supermarket shelves, more people are becoming aware of how food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities affect our bodies. When trying to narrow down …

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Chef preparing food

Authentic Australian Foods and A Healthy Conscience: Upcoming 2014 Food Trends – Part 2

Continuing on our expedition through food trends that dominate Australia in 2014, we’ll delve into how you can incorporate native ingredients, distinctive Australian flavours, miniature vegetables, and healthy options safely into your food business’ menu to take advantage of Tourism Australia’s campaign to put on a spotlight on Australia’s food and wine industry. The first article, How …

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Handle Seafood Safer This Easter

According to the business analysts at IBISWorld, Aussies are expected to spend around $24.4 million on seafood this Easter, up from $23.6 million last year. If you’re going to be indulging in the fruits of the sea this holiday season, it’s important to handle and prepare your seafood with care. Keep Your Seafood Chilled Make …

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