Food Safety Fines

Gold Coast Thai Restaurant Fined Over $20,00 For Food Safety Breaches

Gold Coast Thai Restaurant Fined Over $20,000 For Food Safety Breaches

According to reports by the, Mermaid Beach restaurant, Bangkok Thai has been ordered to pay over $20,000 due to constant breaches of food safety laws.

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Bakery Owner Slams ‘Ridiculous’ Food Safety Fines

The owner of a NSW bakery has claimed he was issued an $880 fine for not having enough paper towels on premises. However, the local council’s health department doesn’t agree.

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Canberra Sushi Stores Fined $41,000 for Food Safety Breaches

Cockroaches, poorly stored food, a dirty dishwasher and filthy kitchens have cost the owners of two Canberra sushi stores a whopping $41,000 in food safety fines.

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eggs 2

Australia’s Egg Safety Debate

Egg safety is a contentious issue with differing opinions emerging from various government departments and other interested parties – so, should we be refrigerating eggs?

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copa rest

Canberra Restaurant Salmonella Case Delayed

The 160 people who suffered salmonella poisoning after eating at Copa Brazilian Restaurant will now have to wait until next year for the outcome of the criminal court case.

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wheat crop

WA Farm Fined After Finger Amputation

A WA cattle and hay farm has been fined a total of $35,000 after an employee lost parts of three fingers due to unsafe machinery in a 2012 farming accident.

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Queensland Man Guilty of Cattle Gallstone Theft

A Toowoomba man has been found guilty of stealing almost $4500 worth of cattle gallstones from a local abattoir and given a two-month suspended sentence.

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Boston Restaurants to Receive Food Safety Ranking

Boston restaurants may soon be given letter grades for cleanliness and food safety practices in a project to improve the poor state of food safety in the city’s food businesses.

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peanut butter

Record Fines for Peanut Butter Scandal

A new record has been set for the largest ever fine in a criminal food safety case. ConAgra Foods will plead guilty to federal charges and pay a whopping AUD $14.2 million in fines for their involvement in the 2006-07 US salmonella outbreak.

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Jail Sentences and Deportation for Qatar Food Poisoning

Jail sentences, fines and deportation orders have been handed out to 5 workers of a Turkish restaurant in Qatar after a food poisoning outbreak last year. A pregnant woman, who subsequently gave birth to her baby prematurely, was among the customers affected.

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