Food Safety Fines


Jail Sentences and Deportation for Qatar Food Poisoning

Jail sentences, fines and deportation orders have been handed out to 5 workers of a Turkish restaurant in Qatar after a food poisoning outbreak last year. A pregnant woman, who subsequently gave birth to her baby prematurely, was among the customers affected.

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Where Not to Eat in Brisbane 2015

What is the worst restaurant in Brisbane for food safety? Which suburbs should you avoid? How many restaurants had pest problems? The results are out!

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Cracked eggs

Jail Time for Egg Fraud Executives

US Egg company fined almost $7 million dollars and top-tier executives sentenced to serve jail time for bribery, fraud and breaching food safety laws. Eggs laced with poisonous bacteria were knowingly sold to customers and made almost 2000 people very sick.

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Supermarkets Cop Fines for Selling Off Food

Coles, Woolworths and IGA are amongst those fined for breaching food safety laws. The NSW Food Authority has issued big penalty notices for selling off food.

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SA Bakery Owner Fined $166,000 for Food Safety Breaches

The former owner of The Champion Bakery in Beverly, Adelaide, has been charged over $160,000 in fines for numerous food safety breaches.

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Victoria Names and Shames Food Safety Training Offenders

The register of food safety convictions developed by the Victorian government shows an alarming number of companies in the food industry are still not adhering to food safety laws, including those related to food safety training.

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Fake Honey Products Put Suppliers in a Sticky Situation

Bera Foods is facing penalties upwards of $10,000 for misrepresentation of its ‘Hi Honey’ product. The supplier falsely led consumers to believe its Turkish, plant-based ‘honey’ was produced locally by Australian honey bees.

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Eating Mice is Rather Nice…Unless You Find One in Your Lunch

It sounds like the stuff of urban legends, and a shopper at a Woolworths supermarket in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast surely wished it was recently when she took two bites of a rice paper roll and found a dead mouse inside.

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Farmers Take a Stand Against Poor Country of Origin Labelling Enforcement

A number of breaches of country of origin labelling laws have taken place in Australia, leading to the demand for stronger enforcement and harsher penalties.

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Food Workers Fired After Uploading Food Safety Violations onto Social Media

The Tegel Foods’ chicken factory in New Plymouth, New Zealand, has fired two of its employees after the young men filmed themselves jokingly riding a conveyer belt – as serious a food safety issue as they come – and then uploaded the footage to social media.

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