Food Recalls


Berry Scandal Catches Fever as More Hepatitis A Cases are Reported

Further concerns are continuing to erupt regarding the food safety scandal that linked frozen mixed berries to outbreaks of Hepatitis A across Australia.

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Berry Bad: Frozen Berries Recalled after Hepatitis A Outbreak

Two leading brands of frozen mixed berries have been plucked from the shelves of Australian supermarkets after being linked to outbreaks of Hepatitis A.

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Fake Honey Products Put Suppliers in a Sticky Situation

Bera Foods is facing penalties upwards of $10,000 for misrepresentation of its ‘Hi Honey’ product. The supplier falsely led consumers to believe its Turkish, plant-based ‘honey’ was produced locally by Australian honey bees.

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Settlement Offered in Landmark Australian Food Poisoning Case

Soy milk company Bonsoy has offered $25 million compensation to 500 victims in perhaps the largest settlement for a food poisoning case in Australian legal history.

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Australia’s Leading Supermarkets Involved in Food Safety Scare With Cereal Recalls

After a massive food safety blunder, two of Australia’s favourite supermarkets have been forced to recall boxes of cereal this week following fears that they could contain shards of glass

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Too Sharp a Taste: NSW Man Finds Safety Pin in his Block of Cheese

In a serious food safety breach, an Australian retired school teacher recently found a block of cheddar cheese sharper than he had expected when he sunk his teeth into a safety pin that had been lodged into the dairy product. 59 year old, Patrick McMullen was enjoying a chunk of Woolworths-brand cheese when he felt …

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Pint baby

Sydney Woman Discovers Surprising Food Safety Hazard in Baby Formula

A leading brand of baby formula has been forced to recall an entire batch of product in a shocking food safety blunder, after a mother in Sydney found a dead lizard within one of the tins. Artilina Castanares was left in disgusted shock on July the 11th, after she noticed a strange scent coming from …

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Maggot Infestation at Melbourne’s Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi at Maribyrnong’s Highpoint shopping centre is in hot water after serving a Melbourne student a crispy chicken roll infested with maggots. This is the latest of many food hygiene infringements from the Japanese food franchise. Chloe McSaveney’s dinner date went sour when she found two halves of a maggot crawling across her meal …

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China's Low Standards Put Comsumers at Risk

Glass in Broccoli Could Damage Australia Frozen Food Industry

Reputation at Stake AUSVEG says glass found in bags of frozen broccoli could damage the reputation of the entire Australian frozen food industry. Several shoppers recently complained about shards of glass in their 500 gram packs of Black and Gold frozen broccoli, which is imported from China. This led retailers in East Coast states to …

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Recall on Macro Vegetarian Bites

In the wake of recent issues with selling out-dated foods, the last thing Woolworths needs is more bad publicity. However, the company is a part of a large food recall that also affects other supermarkets including Food for Less, Flemings, and Safeway. Woolworths itself is the producer of the Macro Vegetarian Bites that have been …

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