Food Recalls

SPC Tomato

SPC Tinned Tomatoes Recalled After Explosion Fears

Have you recently purchased a can of 400g SPC Ardmona whole peeled vine-ripened tomatoes? If so, you’re advised to discard the product and seek a full refund after a national recall was issued.

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Blue Ribbon Ice Cream

Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Lovers Face Recall Scare

Have you recently purchased a tub of Blue Ribbon ice cream? You’re advised not to consume and to get a refund immediately, after a recall warning was issued.

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Mars Say Chocolate Recall Won’t Affect Australia

Chocoholics all over the country can take a collective sigh of relief after news was released that the Mars chocolate bar recall won’t affect Australia.

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lettuce recall_250

Salmonella Outbreak Forces Urgent Lettuce Recall

Pre-packaged lettuce and salad products sold at supermarkets and grocers across the country are being urgently recalled after being linked to a recent salmonella outbreak that hospitalised two people.

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food labelling

FSANZ Encourages Importers to Follow Steps for Safe Allergen Labelling

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has issued a reminder to all food businesses and importers in the region that they must meet mandatory labelling requirements in regards to allergens.

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Mislabelled Coconut Drink Linked to 10-Year-Old’s Death

A Sydney importer pled guilty to food labelling charges after a 10-year-old child died from an allergic reaction he suffered after drinking a mislabelled coconut drink.

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Stewart Parnell

CEO Sentenced to 28 Years Jail for Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

The CEO of the peanut company responsible for the US’s 2008-9 deadly salmonella outbreak has been sentenced to a history-making 28 years jail.

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More than 400 Sickened in Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

With two dead, 91 hospitalised and 418 reported cases, the effects of the United States’ recent salmonella outbreak continue to be felt around the country.

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Venomous Spiders Cause Mexican Grape Recall

Produce stores in New Zealand are recalling imported Mexican grapes after ten venomous spiders, including black widows, were found in bags of the fruit.

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Noodle Ban Set to Cost Maggi $250 Million

The current bans on Maggi instant noodle products in India are estimated to cost the company more than $250 million in product losses and brand damage.

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