Food Politics


Berry Scandal Catches Fever as More Hepatitis A Cases are Reported

Further concerns are continuing to erupt regarding the food safety scandal that linked frozen mixed berries to outbreaks of Hepatitis A across Australia.

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Rats, Bats and Snakes Off the Menu for Chinese New Year

Soon the celebrations for Chinese New Year will be in full swing, prompting the Chinese government to issue food safety warnings that will tone down some of the stranger culinary festivities.

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Victoria Names and Shames Food Safety Training Offenders

The register of food safety convictions developed by the Victorian government shows an alarming number of companies in the food industry are still not adhering to food safety laws, including those related to food safety training.

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President Obama Recommends $1.6 Billion US Food Safety Agency

President Obama this week announced a proposal for USD $1.6 billion to be invested into a single Food Safety agency in the USA. In this article we’ll take a look at how the US and Australia compare in terms of food safety.

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Pasteurisation protesters: The Raw Milk Saga Continues…

Avid drinkers of raw milk were left feeling bitter recently following the news that an undrinkable ingredient is to be added to all raw milk produce. Protesters gathered in Melbourne last weekend to oppose the legislation.

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New Zealand Winemakers Fighting Increased Food Safety Fees

Earlier this week the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand announced a proposed $12.8 million increase in fees in order to maintain food safety levels and protect biosecurity risks.

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Undrinkable Ingredient to be Added to Raw Milk in Victoria

Unpasteurised milk in Victoria must have a gag-inducing bitter ingredient added to it according to new legislation announced last week. This follows the death of a small child from the Mornington Peninsula in December 2014 after consuming unpasteurised Mountain View Organic Bath Milk.

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Souping Up Food Safety Controversy

New York based performance artist Ei Arakawa put food safety front and centre at London’s prestigious Frieze Art Fair.

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Sausage Sizzle Red Tape to be Cut

Sausage sizzles are set to change as the ACT State Government slashes the red tape for community fundraising events.

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The Cost of Free Trade: Should Food Safety Standards be Sacrificed?

Following pressure from economic integration with the United States, the concept of lowering food safety standards in Australia has emerged as a significant discussion topic.

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