Food Politics


Hunger Hitting Crisis Point In Australia

According to the latest Foodbank Hunger Report, one in six Australians could not put food on the table at least once in the past 12 months

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Cold Pressed Raw Milk Selling In NSW

Cold Pressed Raw Milk Selling In NSW

Sydney start-up, Made by Cow has shaken-up the milk industry, becoming the first company to legally sell unpasteurised or ‘raw milk’ in Australia, after gaining approval from the NSW Food Authority.

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New Food Labelling Laws Begin July 1

After the federal government made changes to its food labelling laws in March, businesses across the country will be required to apply new ‘easy to understand’ food labels from July 1.

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food in crates

Could Australian Farmers Help Reduce Chronic Disease in the Middle East?

Australian farmers could hold the key to providing the safe and healthy resources needed to combat disease in the Middle East. But only if they are willing to export.

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Updating Food Safety: The NSW Food Regulation 2015

Acting on advice received from food safety authorities, industry professionals and the public, NSW’s Food Regulation 2015 has now been decided. The aim is to minimise regulatory costs for businesses and maximise food safety for consumers.

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food safety rating system SA

Food Safety Rating System Approved in SA

A new food safety rating system in SA has officially been given the green light. It allows food businesses to publically display the food safety grade they receive from regular council inspections.

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Victorian Farmers Fight Food Safety Authorities

Victorian farmers who sell small produce have set up a legal fund aimed at fighting government food safety authorities they claim are hindering farmers.

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farm milk

Tough Food Safety Laws Blamed for Farm Closure

The closure last year of Tasmania’s only organic dairy farm, which the owner blamed on tougher food safety laws, looks set to be reversed thanks to a community fundraising campaign.

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Country of Origin Labels

Public Input Welcome for New Food Labels

Australians are now being invited to take part in an online community survey so that they can have their say on the new country of origin food labels – it’s not open for long so don’t miss out!

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Boston Restaurants to Receive Food Safety Ranking

Boston restaurants may soon be given letter grades for cleanliness and food safety practices in a project to improve the poor state of food safety in the city’s food businesses.

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