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US Food Safety Takes a Catastrophe to Change

According to recent history it takes a catastrophe to bring about change to food safety legislation in the US. Experts say current progress towards better national food safety is not being made fast enough and one has even claimed, ‘we need bodies in the streets before we get it.’

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Food Safety Targeted by G20

G20 agricultural ministers met in Turkey to discuss how best to reduce food wastage and improve production security standards and overall sustainability. The results of the demand on natural resources and the effects of climate change have seen an increase in the need for a sustainable global food model, one that can support the necessary rise in productivity needed.

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Supermarkets Cop Fines for Selling Off Food

Coles, Woolworths and IGA are amongst those fined for breaching food safety laws. The NSW Food Authority has issued big penalty notices for selling off food.

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Food Safety Declared the Focus of World Health Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has dedicated this year’s World Health Day to international food safety, highlighting it’s everyday global importance.

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Mandatory Reporting Scrapped for Food Deaths

New laws set to be introduced in Australia will mean that any death or illness caused in a food-related incident will no longer be required to be reported to authorities by the food business responsible.

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Pittwater Council Refuses NSW Food Authority Food Safety Scheme

The council of Pittwater has refused an invitation from the NSW Food Authority to enrol in a food safety scheme, labelling the initiative “nanny state”.

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Fonterra and Parents on Alert After Threats to Poison Baby Formula

Concerns are rocketing in New Zealand this week regarding threats to poison infant formula in an act that is being described as “eco-terrorism”.

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Berry Scandal Catches Fever as More Hepatitis A Cases are Reported

Further concerns are continuing to erupt regarding the food safety scandal that linked frozen mixed berries to outbreaks of Hepatitis A across Australia.

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Rats, Bats and Snakes Off the Menu for Chinese New Year

Soon the celebrations for Chinese New Year will be in full swing, prompting the Chinese government to issue food safety warnings that will tone down some of the stranger culinary festivities.

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Victoria Names and Shames Food Safety Training Offenders

The register of food safety convictions developed by the Victorian government shows an alarming number of companies in the food industry are still not adhering to food safety laws, including those related to food safety training.

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