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FSANZ Considers Easing Food Safety Restrictions on Raw Milk Cheeses

Cheese enthusiasts are excited by the potential of tastier cheeses hitting the market soon. The FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand), are considering a proposal that could see eased food safety restrictions on raw milk cheeses. This proposal, if it is passed, will allow for a greater range of cheeses to be sold within Australia and …

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Seafood Industry Representatives Argue For Country of Origin Labelling in Restaurants

The Australian seafood industry addressed a federal parliamentary inquiry this week with the message that Australian restaurant diners need to be ‘protected from deception’. They argue that most diners in restaurants believe that they are eating locally caught Australian seafood but in fact 70% of seafood consumed is imported from overseas. Current legislation specifies that …

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Food Labelling

Controversial Food Health Star Rating System Reinstated

After years of negotiation and a controversial launch earlier this year that lasted just 20 hours, the Government has announced that the food health star rating will be reinstated in the near future and that it will be voluntary for food companies wishing to adopt the system over the next five years. CHOICE chief executive …

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Food Labelling Confusion Contributes to 1.3 Billion Tonnes of Food Waste

Between one third and one half of food produced for human consumption is wasted each year according to the FutureFood 2050 initiative. That’s more than 1.3 billion tonnes which could, if not wasted, feed over 1.25 billion people on the planet. FutureFood 2050 which is sponsored by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) released some particularly …

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Walmart Triples Food Safety Spending In China After Donkey Meat Disaster

Yesterday, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, announced that it will invest 300 million yuan ($48 million US or about $51 million AUD) into improving its food safety in China by the end of 2015, after fox DNA was discovered in packages labelled as “Five Spice” donkey meat in January. This investment, originally projected at 100 …

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How Aussie Food Businesses Can Capitalise On Food Trends in 2014: Part 1

With Tourism Australia’s ‘Restaurant Australia’ campaign set to bolster the Australian economy by promoting our unique food lifestyle, now is the time to start thinking about how your business – whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or catering business – can capitalise on 2014 food trends and make the most of the global trend towards culinary travelling. This article, …

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Woman in the factory working in white clothes

Fonterra Crisis Results in NZ Food Safety Council

New Zealand’s Food Safety Minister, Nikki Kaye, today confirmed that an independent Food Safety Assurance Advisory Council is now set up to advise the New Zealand Government on food safety issues. The first meeting for the council will be in July this year. The establishment of the council is a direct result of a Government inquiry into Fonterra’s …

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Exploring Australia’s Potential To Become a Supplier of High Quality Food in China

With new laws on food safety coming into effect in China this month, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott keen to seal a free trade agreement between Australia and China, Australia is touted to become the ‘food bowl’ of Asia. Australia may not likely become the ‘food bowl’ of the region like the government claims, but it …

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Donghuamen Night Market

New laws in China to tackle rampant food safety problems

Infected snail meat, poisonous mushrooms, goat meat marinated in duck urine to make it taste and smell like lamb – these are just some of the culinary delights that China’s food industry have served to its citizens since 2006. In a move to clean up China’s international reputation for appalling food safety, new food safety laws will …

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Ausveg Says Community Gardens a Food Safety Risk

They’re meant to bring neighbourhoods together and encourage an interest in gardening, but Ausveg says that community gardens also pose a serious safety risk for the nation’s horticulture sector. Lack of Quality Assurance Guidelines Posing Risk of Infestations “A lot of these gardens may not be in the best nick, so to speak, and the …

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