Food Poisoning


Brisbane Salmonella Outbreak Caused By Cross-Contamination

Investigators have determined a handheld kitchen blender contaminated with Salmonella caused the Brisbane Convention Centre food poisoning outbreak earlier this year.

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Hepatitis Infects Green Tea Drinking Teen

A campaign to lose weight, which included drinking multiple cups of green tea, has caused a UK teenage girl to contract an acute case of Hepatitis.

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Stewart Parnell

CEO Sentenced to 28 Years Jail for Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

The CEO of the peanut company responsible for the US’s 2008-9 deadly salmonella outbreak has been sentenced to a history-making 28 years jail.

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More than 400 Sickened in Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

With two dead, 91 hospitalised and 418 reported cases, the effects of the United States’ recent salmonella outbreak continue to be felt around the country.

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copa rest

Canberra Restaurant Salmonella Case Delayed

The 160 people who suffered salmonella poisoning after eating at Copa Brazilian Restaurant will now have to wait until next year for the outcome of the criminal court case.

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Salmonella Cases on the Rise but Food Poisoning Drops

Although the overall number of food borne illnesses in Australia is steadily dropping, experts are still worried as the number of salmonella poisoning cases is rapidly growing.

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in-n-out burger

Fast Food Chain Sued for Meth Milkshake

A man in the US is suing fast food chain In-N-Out Burger after he allegedly found methamphetamine capsules in the bottom of a takeaway milkshake.

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Salmonella Outbreak Hospitalises Six at Prestigious Melbourne Hotel

Two luxurious High Tea events at Melbourne’s iconic Langham Hotel have been linked to a salmonella outbreak which has hospitalised six and struck down another 28.

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Experts Warn: Dangers of Online Breast Milk Market

The online breast milk market is ‘booming’ and experts are trying to warn consumers of the potential health risks that surround this controversial issue.

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Rat Poison Found in Aussie Pork Meat

The FSANZ are calling for new and safe chemical control limits at farms as current laws see pork meat contaminated with rat poison sold.

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