Food Poisoning


Handle Seafood Safer This Easter

According to the business analysts at IBISWorld, Aussies are expected to spend around $24.4 million on seafood this Easter, up from $23.6 million last year. If you’re going to be indulging in the fruits of the sea this holiday season, it’s important to handle and prepare your seafood with care. Keep Your Seafood Chilled Make …

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Donghuamen Night Market

New laws in China to tackle rampant food safety problems

Infected snail meat, poisonous mushrooms, goat meat marinated in duck urine to make it taste and smell like lamb – these are just some of the culinary delights that China’s food industry have served to its citizens since 2006. In a move to clean up China’s international reputation for appalling food safety, new food safety laws will …

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3 myths about foodborne illnesses

3 myths about food safety and foodborne illnesses

According to Food Safety Australia New Zealand, people shouldn’t assume food is safe because it’s local, organic or properly cooked. This is particularly important for businesses that do not have a food safety structure in place and carry out food handling tasks without proper food quality testing. Don’t think that this applies to you? Here …

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Auckland Council Concerned About Food Stall Safety

Auckland Council fears large-scale food poisoning outbreaks may occur at major local festivals if potential reforms to New Zealand’s Food Bill are passed. These changes would see food stalls, like those at the Chinese Lantern Festival and Diwali, operating with little regulation. Considering Amendments to the 2010 Food Bill The New Zealand parliament is currently …

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Restaurant Closed after Food Safety Scare

Footscray’s Hao Phong Restaurant Closed after Food Safety Scare

Victoria’s health department closed down Footscray’s Hao Phong Restaurant after at least 21 diners fell ill between the dates of December 28 and 31, 2013. Three people admitted themselves to hospital after contracting salmonella poisoning at the popular Vietnamese restaurant. Illness Described as ‘Hell’ Two pregnant women were amongst those affected by the foodborne illness. …

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Raw Egg Safety in the Spotlight

Most of us are wary of raw chicken and leftover Chinese takeaway, but we rarely stop to think about the food safety dangers lurking in most fridges. Raw eggs, and the dishes made with them, are responsible for more food poisoning incidences than you might think. Woman Dies From Food Poisoning Outbreak Homemade mayonnaise was …

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Australian Experts Name Foods Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning

We all get a little nervous about raw chicken and dodgy takeaway dinners, but Australian food experts say we should be worried about the safety of many more foods than this. Representatives from Food Standards Australia New Zealand and Food Safety Information Council recently told the seven foods most likely to give you food …

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Winter Warning

Doctor Warns of Winter Gastroenteritis Threat

Dr Michael Eyles, the chairman of the Food Safety Information Council, has warned of the dangers of viral gastroenteritis over the coming months. While it’s most commonly associated with hot and humid weather, the gastro-causing norovirus is so common in the colder months that it’s become known as “the winter vomiting bug.” The warning signs …

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Food Poisoning

What to Do if You Have Food Poisoning

Usually, food poisoning presents itself with gastrointestinal upset. People may experience stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting. In some cases, the person may also run a low-grade fever. Keep in mind that not all cases of stomach upset are food poisoning. Your illness could be related to a virus, side effects from certain medications, and …

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Depositphotos_2230689_original copy7

Semi-Dried Tomatoes Pose a Hepatitis A Threat

Many people are aware of certain types of Hepatitis but what they don’t know is that one particular strain can actually be food borne. Hepatitis A, which can be spread by certain foods, has been increasing in number of recorded cases in the past few years. In fact, the Department of Health in Victoria indicated …

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