Food Poisoning


Mass Food Poisoning at Brisbane Convention Centre

The food served at conference held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition centre last week has poisoned at least 164 principals according to recent news, with 22 victims hospitalised as a result. Queensland Health has announced that they will be investigating this staggering food-safety issue, but at this point, the cause of the poisoning is not certain.

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Masterchef George Calombaris Enforces Doggy Bag Documentation

Hellenic Republic restaurant – owned by George Calombaris of Masterchef fame – now requires customers to sign a waiver if they wish to take home a doggy bag.

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Yet Another Salmonella Outbreak in Brisbane

Hot on the heels of a salmonella outbreak earlier this month which affected over 130 people, dozens more people in Brisbane have been hospitalised with salmonella poisoning.

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South Brisbane Salmonella Outbreak linked to Chinese Restaurant

One of the largest food poisoning outbreaks ever reported in Queensland is currently being investigated after more than eighty diners fell ill from salmonella poisoning due to dining at a Springbrook restaurant last weekend.

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Cruise Ship Passengers Bound for New Zealand Suffer Food Poisoning

Approximately 200 Australian cruise ship passengers bound for New Zealand have been restricted to their cabins after exhibiting severe food poisoning symptoms. After some investigation, the Canterbury District Health Board announced that the cruise ship, The Dawn Princess had been infected with Norovirus.

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Eating Mice is Rather Nice…Unless You Find One in Your Lunch

It sounds like the stuff of urban legends, and a shopper at a Woolworths supermarket in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast surely wished it was recently when she took two bites of a rice paper roll and found a dead mouse inside.

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Cut fresh crude meat as a background

70 Percent of UK Supermarket Chickens Contaminated

A recent survey conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), has uncovered a serious Campylobacter outbreak, affecting 70% of fresh, shop-bought chickens in the UK.

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Settlement Offered in Landmark Australian Food Poisoning Case

Soy milk company Bonsoy has offered $25 million compensation to 500 victims in perhaps the largest settlement for a food poisoning case in Australian legal history.

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33 Recorded Cases of Toxic Fish Poisoning in Townsville

Townsville has reportedly seen 10 new cases of ciguatera food poisoning, caused by contaminated spanish mackerel, totalling 33 cases this year.

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Raw Egg Mayonnaise Considered More of a G20 Threat than Terrorism

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Jeanette Young, stated this week that she was more concerned about the threat of “raw egg mayonnaise” than terrorism at the upcoming G20 in Brisbane, with major hospitals primed to take action in the case of a mass food poisoning event.

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