Food Poisoning

lettuce recall_250

Salmonella Outbreak Forces Urgent Lettuce Recall

Pre-packaged lettuce and salad products sold at supermarkets and grocers across the country are being urgently recalled after being linked to a recent salmonella outbreak that hospitalised two people.

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How Safe is Australian Honey?

Australian supermarkets, beekeepers and FSANZ are standing behind local honey despite a recent study which suggests it contains an excessive amount of natural toxins linked to chronic disease.

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Australia’s Egg Safety Debate

Egg safety is a contentious issue with differing opinions emerging from various government departments and other interested parties – so, should we be refrigerating eggs?

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Mouldy Macca’s Makes Headlines

Would you like a side of mould with that? One unhappy McDonald’s customer has taken to social media to voice his disgust after allegedly being served a ‘gourmet’ mould-spotted burger.

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Explorer of the Seas

Gastro Outbreak Sickens 182 People on Luxury Cruise Ship

182 unlucky passengers aboard a the luxury cruise ship – Explorer of the Seas – have been struck down with a severe bout of gastro.

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food poisoning outbreak

Two-for-One Parmas at the Flying Cock Spark Gastro Outbreak

A popular Brisbane ‘cheap eat’, 2-for-1 chicken parmigiana, has been blamed for a food poisoning outbreak earlier this month after 20 diners were allegedly struck down with gastro.

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Brisbane Salmonella Outbreak Caused By Cross-Contamination

Investigators have determined a handheld kitchen blender contaminated with Salmonella caused the Brisbane Convention Centre food poisoning outbreak earlier this year.

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Hepatitis Infects Green Tea Drinking Teen

A campaign to lose weight, which included drinking multiple cups of green tea, has caused a UK teenage girl to contract an acute case of Hepatitis.

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Stewart Parnell

CEO Sentenced to 28 Years Jail for Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

The CEO of the peanut company responsible for the US’s 2008-9 deadly salmonella outbreak has been sentenced to a history-making 28 years jail.

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More than 400 Sickened in Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

With two dead, 91 hospitalised and 418 reported cases, the effects of the United States’ recent salmonella outbreak continue to be felt around the country.

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