Food Poisoning


Tracking Issues Highlighted in China after Further Food Safety Scares

In the latest Chinese food safety scare, Heinz, has recalled batches of infant food products in China, following reports that the product contained lead.

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Everyday Fridge

Australia’s Lack of Food Safety Education Enhances Food Poisoning Risk

Australians are regularly putting themselves in the firing-line for food poisoning, when they prepare food at home.

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Pint baby

Sydney Woman Discovers Surprising Food Safety Hazard in Baby Formula

A leading brand of baby formula has been forced to recall an entire batch of product in a shocking food safety blunder, after a mother in Sydney found a dead lizard within one of the tins. Artilina Castanares was left in disgusted shock on July the 11th, after she noticed a strange scent coming from …

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Viral Gastroenteritis

Don’t Cook When You’re Crook say NSW Food Authority

Whilst we often associate the summer months with an increase in food related illnesses due to increased temperatures, food handlers and their employers need to remember that winter is also a high-risk time due to an increase in viral gastroenteritis. This highly infectious condition causes vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches and muscle aches and is easily passed …

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top surprising foods

Top Surprising Foods That Might Be Making You Sick

Your boss is lactose intolerant, your friend refuses to eat soy, and your coworker swells up with stomach aches and vomiting when they eat foods containing gluten. As more convenient, processed foods inundate our supermarket shelves, more people are becoming aware of how food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities affect our bodies. When trying to narrow down …

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Where Not to Eat in Brisbane: Food Safety Fines in 2013

This week, a report released by Brisbane Times revealed the list of EatSafe prosecutions for 2013. EatSafe Brisbane is a rating scheme that assesses food safety and hygiene standards of licensed food businesses (including restaurants, cafes and food outlets) across Brisbane and its suburbs, and then issues a food safety star rating. Every licensed food business in Brisbane receives …

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early morning flight from Frankfurt

Spectacular Aerodynamic Vomiting On Seven Hour Flight From Hell

What’s worse than being on a seven hour flight, surrounded by sixty noisy children? Being surrounded by sixty noisy children who are sick with vomiting and diarrhoea. Sixty children from a Welsh choir called ‘Only Kids Aloud’ were hit with waves of suspected food poisoning on their Dubai to Heathrow flight home. The trip got intimate as the …

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Salmonella poisons students at UQ College

Queensland Health is currently investigating the source of a salmonella outbreak at University of Queensland’s Cromwell College, which resulted in the hospitalisation of four students earlier this month. Fifty-six students at the campus displayed symptoms of salmonella, while 17 tested positive. Four of these students were admitted to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on April …

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Handle Seafood Safer This Easter

According to the business analysts at IBISWorld, Aussies are expected to spend around $24.4 million on seafood this Easter, up from $23.6 million last year. If you’re going to be indulging in the fruits of the sea this holiday season, it’s important to handle and prepare your seafood with care. Keep Your Seafood Chilled Make …

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Donghuamen Night Market

New laws in China to tackle rampant food safety problems

Infected snail meat, poisonous mushrooms, goat meat marinated in duck urine to make it taste and smell like lamb – these are just some of the culinary delights that China’s food industry have served to its citizens since 2006. In a move to clean up China’s international reputation for appalling food safety, new food safety laws will …

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