Food Nutrition

Oil Drums

Is Sustainable Palm Oil A Sustainable Option For Food Manufacturers?

Just last week, the world’s largest consumer products company, Proctor & Gamble changed its policy for palm oil supply in reaction to pressure from activist group Greenpeace, vowing to use only sustainable palm oil in its products. The Sustainable Palm Oil Trend The trend toward sustainable palm oil is growing in leaps and bounds. As consumers revolt against …

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Irradiated Food Safety

Consumers Wary of Irradiated Foods

Despite assurances from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), some consumers remain wary of the safety of irradiated foods.  The irradiation process kills bacteria, insects, and moulds by exposing crops to high doses of radiation. Gamma rays, X-rays, or electron beams are typically used to extend the shelf life of foods and reduce spoilage. Food …

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Organic Coconuts

Australians Soon To Be Enjoying Organic Coconuts

Ask anyone and they will most likely tell you one of the healthiest food decisions that a person could make would be to choose organic foods. At this time, more and more manufacturers of food items are making the attempt to provide organic options, but it is not the norm yet. One Australian item will …

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Learning How to Use NUTTAB 2010

As a consumer in Australia, you have access to information to help you make smart decisions for your food. A database called NUTTAB 2010 has been put together and is available for free in order to give you educational information about foods available for your purchase and consumption. You can search the database to learn …

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Fruit and Veg

Food Safety for Vegetarians

Studies have shown that vegetarians are much healthier than those people who eat meats. In fact, a recent Oxford study showed the big difference between meat eaters and plant eaters. You can learn more about it in our previous article about the study itself. Once you realize how much healthier you can be by choosing …

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Oxford Study Shows Vegetarians Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Recently, Oxford University completed a study that lasted more than a decade. This study also involved more than 40,000 participants. The purpose of the study was to determine if vegetarians are less prone to heat disease. The results are actually quite interesting: the study indicated that people who eat a vegetarian diet are 32% less …

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Is Caffeine Dangerous?

Caffeine is all around us. It is in sodas, coffee, teas, and even chocolates. It is hard to go through the day without even drinking a small amount of caffeine in something. Then, there are the energy drinks, which contain large doses of caffeine in single shots. This can leave you wondering how safe is …

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Baby eating food

Frequently Asked Questions About Safe Baby Formula Practices

Although many health and childcare experts definitely agree that breast milk is the best and most natural option for feeding infants, sometimes it’s not always possible to provide that option. That’s why it’s fortunate that there are so many options out there in regards to solid, nutritious infant formula. However, it’s important to observe proper safety protocol when handling formula.

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What Modern Consumers Need to Understand About Sprouts

With all the bad press in the news lately in regards to sprouts (especially bean sprouts), it’s only understandable that modern day consumers might be wondering whether or not they should be cutting them out of their diets altogether.

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Proper Care and Handling of Fresh Sausages

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, many of us will be enjoying some fresh cooked sausages at a traditional Aussie BBQ. Although most people understand that care must be taken when handling, storing, and preparing raw meat, they can also be unsure about how to handle fresh sausages in particular.

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