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Tick Off For The National Heart Foundation

After 25 years, The National Heart Foundation is set to review the Healthy Tick trademark, according to CEO Mary Barry.

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Consumer Groups: Sports Drinks Don’t Belong in Health Food Aisle

Consumer group CHOICE have warned that allowing electrolyte drinks to make health claims without passing the consumer protection test will mislead consumers into believing that they are making healthier purchases.

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Celebrity Chef Pete Evans A ‘Warrior’ For Controversial Paleo Diet

My Kitchen Rules chef Pete Evans’ impassioned campaign promoting the virtues of the controversial Paleo Diet has recently met with opposition from the Heart Foundation and the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA).

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Healthy Food. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

FSANZ Call for Submissions on Food Irradiation Application

FSANZ have called for submissions regarding a permit application to expand the irradiation of a various vegetables and fruits.

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FSANZ suggests new food labelling proposal in reaction to FoodLegal health claim criticisms

FSANZ has suggested a proposal to change food labelling codes, expanding the range of claims that can be put forth about sports foods & electrolyte drinks

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How Aussie Food Businesses Can Capitalise On Food Trends in 2014: Part 1

With Tourism Australia’s ‘Restaurant Australia’ campaign set to bolster the Australian economy by promoting our unique food lifestyle, now is the time to start thinking about how your business – whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or catering business – can capitalise on 2014 food trends and make the most of the global trend towards culinary travelling. This article, …

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Dog Food for Dinner Tonight?

UK food blogger Colin McQuistan this week released a fascinating blog about his experiences eating dog food. Be warned: Reading his blog entry is not advised for those feeling nauseous! Or for those with a curious nature planning to pick up a can of tinned tomatoes from the supermarket anytime soon. As McQuistan himself comments about the …

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Oil Drums

Is Sustainable Palm Oil A Sustainable Option For Food Manufacturers?

Just last week, the world’s largest consumer products company, Proctor & Gamble changed its policy for palm oil supply in reaction to pressure from activist group Greenpeace, vowing to use only sustainable palm oil in its products. The Sustainable Palm Oil Trend The trend toward sustainable palm oil is growing in leaps and bounds. As consumers revolt against …

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Irradiated Food Safety

Consumers Wary of Irradiated Foods

Despite assurances from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), some consumers remain wary of the safety of irradiated foods.  The irradiation process kills bacteria, insects, and moulds by exposing crops to high doses of radiation. Gamma rays, X-rays, or electron beams are typically used to extend the shelf life of foods and reduce spoilage. Food …

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Organic Coconuts

Australians Soon To Be Enjoying Organic Coconuts

Ask anyone and they will most likely tell you one of the healthiest food decisions that a person could make would be to choose organic foods. At this time, more and more manufacturers of food items are making the attempt to provide organic options, but it is not the norm yet. One Australian item will …

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