Food Labelling

Chicken eggs

Not So Free Range After All: Pirovic Slapped With $300,000 Fine

Pirovic Enterprises Pty. Ltd. (Pirovic) has been fined $300,000 after the Federal Court declared by consent that the company engaged in misleading conduct and representations by labelling and promoting its eggs as ‘free range’.

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FSANZ Consults the Public Regarding Gluten-Free Beer Labels.

Correct food labels are of vital importance to those who suffer from gluten intolerance, and FSANZ are raising a proposal that intends to prevent beer and other alcohol being incorrectly labeled as ‘gluten-free’.

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Open soft drink can

FSANZ suggests new food labelling proposal in reaction to FoodLegal health claim criticisms

FSANZ has suggested a proposal to change food labelling codes, expanding the range of claims that can be put forth about sports foods & electrolyte drinks

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Group of fruits takes up the entire frame. In the form of a square.

Alarming additives and Food Labels: Beef and Alcohol in Popular Fruit Juices

After learning that some fruit flavoured drinks could contain traces of alcohol and beef, a Hindu man in Melbourne wrote to Heinz Australia to enquire about their food labels and whether that was the case in his favourite beverage, Golden Circle juice. He was shocked when the company replied, revealing that the entire Golden Circle …

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AusVeg “Appalled” at Health Star Rating System for Shunning Vegetables

The Health Star Rating system, a voluntary structure that was initially renounced by various State, Federal, and Territorial food & health ministers in June of 2013, continues to be a difficult concept for many to swallow. Although it was developed by credible food and beverage industry bodies, as well as consumer and public health experts …

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Seafood Industry Representatives Argue For Country of Origin Labelling in Restaurants

The Australian seafood industry addressed a federal parliamentary inquiry this week with the message that Australian restaurant diners need to be ‘protected from deception’. They argue that most diners in restaurants believe that they are eating locally caught Australian seafood but in fact 70% of seafood consumed is imported from overseas. Current legislation specifies that …

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Food Labelling

Controversial Food Health Star Rating System Reinstated

After years of negotiation and a controversial launch earlier this year that lasted just 20 hours, the Government has announced that the food health star rating will be reinstated in the near future and that it will be voluntary for food companies wishing to adopt the system over the next five years. CHOICE chief executive …

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Phoney Honey Imported From Overseas Might Not Come From Bees

Breakfast enthusiasts, beware when you next spread a thick layer of delicious local honey on your morning toast. First, it might not be as patriotic a choice as you’d hoped, with findings showing that it might not actually come from Australia. Second, it could be corn syrup masquerading as honey. This week, the Australian Competition …

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Coles Lied About “Freshly Baked” Bread

The Australian Federal Court has found supermarket giant Coles guilty of misleading customers by advertising its baked goods as ‘freshly baked’ or ‘Baked Fresh’. Contrary to the labelling, the baked goods in question – Coles’ ‘Cuisine Royale’ and ‘Coles Bakery’ branded bread products – had in fact been pre-cooked months earlier. In June 2013, the …

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Walmart Triples Food Safety Spending In China After Donkey Meat Disaster

Yesterday, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, announced that it will invest 300 million yuan ($48 million US or about $51 million AUD) into improving its food safety in China by the end of 2015, after fox DNA was discovered in packages labelled as “Five Spice” donkey meat in January. This investment, originally projected at 100 …

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