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Hundreds of Macca’s Stores Not “Lovin’ it”

350 McDonald’s restaurants across the US and Asia are set to close their doors following reports of a further drop in sales and more food safety scandals.

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We’re Lovin’ It – McDonalds Aim for antibiotic-free chicken within two years

After a bad rap of late, McDonalds have announced that they will begin phasing out the use of antibiotics in their chicken products over the next two years.

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Would Plain Packaging Help Fight the Childhood Obesity Crisis in Australia?

A global approach is being taken to restrict marketing of junk foods to children. Would plain packaging of these foods, similar to that which has been implemented for tobacco here in Australia, help to combat the childhood obesity problem?

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Junk Food Brands Target Kids on Social Media

Popular junk food brands have begun to find new ways of avoiding television advertising restrictions in Australia by promoting unhealthy foods through social media networks.

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Local Children Prompt McDonalds to Go Cage-Free

Recently, an animal welfare group joined forces with young Australian children to create a video pleading with McDonalds to crack down on the use of cage eggs.

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McDonalds Continue to Struggle with Further Food Safety Concerns

Following a food safety scare in China, the CEO of the world’s biggest fast-food corporation, McDonalds, definitely isn’t lovin’ the backlash that his company has been getting from the media lately. For the majority of his two years in charge, Don Thompson has been struggling to improve sales in Europe and the United States. Now, …

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Food Safety Scandal in China Hits Various Fast Food Chains

Global fast food chains, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and KFC have found themselves embroiled in yet another food safety scandal this week. ‘Yum’, the parent company of the well-known fast food brands has issued an apology to its customers following the arrival of another food safety scare in China. A recent TV report forced Chinese regulators to …

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Where Not to Eat in Brisbane: Food Safety Fines in 2013

This week, a report released by Brisbane Times revealed the list of EatSafe prosecutions for 2013. EatSafe Brisbane is a rating scheme that assesses food safety and hygiene standards of licensed food businesses (including restaurants, cafes and food outlets) across Brisbane and its suburbs, and then issues a food safety star rating. Every licensed food business in Brisbane receives …

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New Zealand Fast Food Restaurants Install Cameras for Food Safety

New surveillance cameras are helping Restaurant Brands in New Zealand maintain its fast food outlets’ food safety standards. The corporate body is responsible for New Zealand’s KFC, Pizza Hut and Carl’s Jr. restaurants, as well as its Starbucks cafés. The company installed surveillance cameras in five KFC restaurants as a pilot program in 2011. Since …

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Regulating Fast Food for Australian Consumer Health

Some frightening facts have come out about how often consumers choose to eat fast foods. The Cancer Council of Australia recently indicated through a detailed report that the consumption of fast food has risen by nearly 50% in the past few years. With so many people choosing to eat items that are known to be …

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