Fast Food


Mouldy Macca’s Makes Headlines

Would you like a side of mould with that? One unhappy McDonald’s customer has taken to social media to voice his disgust after allegedly being served a ‘gourmet’ mould-spotted burger.

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Food Safety and junk food advertising

Mars and PepsiCo Lead with Junk Food Advertising Breaches

According to the latest report on junk food advertising aimed at kids, Mars and PepsiCo are leading other global food companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola Amatil in the overall number of compliance breaches.

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McDonalds’ New Menus Breach Food Labelling Laws

McDonald’s stores throughout Australia will be taking down all of their new menu boards for being in breach of fast food labelling laws.

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in-n-out burger

Fast Food Chain Sued for Meth Milkshake

A man in the US is suing fast food chain In-N-Out Burger after he allegedly found methamphetamine capsules in the bottom of a takeaway milkshake.

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Lolly Lovers Outraged at Allen’s

No more green frogs? No more spearmint leaves?! Bad news this week for lolly lovers with Allen’s Lollies announcing that the company are stopping production of two iconic varieties.

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Noodle Ban Set to Cost Maggi $250 Million

The current bans on Maggi instant noodle products in India are estimated to cost the company more than $250 million in product losses and brand damage.

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Parents Told to Stop Poisoning Children With Cancer Causing Foods

The NHS has called for parents to stop ‘poisoning’ their children with sugary foods and drinks in an effort to reduce the number of obese people estimated to need health care in Britain rises.

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warning tape

Calls for Cancer Warning Labels on High Risk Foods

Should warning labels be compulsory on foods and drinks that have a higher risk of causing cancer? Considering the huge number of people affected by the terrible disease, some experts are saying yes.

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US Food Safety Takes a Catastrophe to Change

According to recent history it takes a catastrophe to bring about change to food safety legislation in the US. Experts say current progress towards better national food safety is not being made fast enough and one has even claimed, ‘we need bodies in the streets before we get it.’

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Earns McDonalds

Hundreds of Macca’s Stores Not Lovin it

350 McDonald’s restaurants across the US and Asia are set to close their doors following reports of a further drop in sales and more food safety scandals.

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