food labelling

FSANZ Encourages Importers to Follow Steps for Safe Allergen Labelling

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has issued a reminder to all food businesses and importers in the region that they must meet mandatory labelling requirements in regards to allergens.

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Mislabelled Coconut Drink Linked to 10-Year-Old’s Death

A Sydney importer pled guilty to food labelling charges after a 10-year-old child died from an allergic reaction he suffered after drinking a mislabelled coconut drink.

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Monkey Nuts

Easter Bunny Recall Affects Australians with Nut Allergies

Target Australia has recalled a number of Easter treats on a national scale, due to the possible presence of undeclared nut allergens.

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Could Oral Therapy Potentially Cure Peanut Allergies?

A recent study may have discovered a potential cure for peanut allergies involving mixing small amounts of protein from the peanut with probiotics.

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Food Safety Concept

How to Manage Allergic Reactions

Recently, a five year old boy suffered a severe allergic reaction to undeclared tree nuts in the Coles brand hollow milk chocolate easter eggs. This raises the question: How can you protect yourself and your family against known and unknown food allergies? How Common Are Food Allergies? Food allergies are very common and becoming more …

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Possible Allergens

Precautionary Labelling Puts Allergy Sufferers at Risk

A recent Australian study has questioned the value of precautionary food allergy labels. It’s found these ambiguous package statements lead to varied levels of consumer caution, regardless of the actual risks. Victoria University Study Victoria University, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and the Royal Children’s Hospital collaborated on the study published recently in the Medical …

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Pine Nutes

Food Allergies

While the reason is still unknown, the number of food allergies is rising. Each year, more children are diagnosed with the problem. There are some allergies that last only a few years and will resolve themselves over time. However, there are also those conditions that last for a lifetime. Because of the growing concern, awareness …

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The Facts About Food Allergy

Food allergies and sensitivities are a common type of ailment that affect millions of people worldwide. They can come attached to all kinds of items including seafood, nuts, and various grains. Symptoms can run the gamut from mild rashes and stomach upset all the way to severe issues breathing.

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Cloned Cows Could Provide a Way to Produce Hypoallergenic Milk

A world where hypoallergenic milk is an everyday reality for those with dairy sensitivities could be coming much sooner than you think. New Zealand scientists from AgResearch recently announced that they have successfully bred the world’s first cow capable of producing allergen-free milk.

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