News for: February 2013


The Milk on Tap System Is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

There are always new ways to provide food and beverage products to consumers, and the latest push has been toward food safety as well as environmental friendliness. One creation that has recently been implemented in a few coffee shops throughout Australia is the milk on tap system. This system accomplishes quite a lot by offering …

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The Great Horsemeat Scandal Explained

With recent news that IKEA have withdrawn their infamous meatballs from menus across Europe due to horsemeat contamination, it doesn’t seem like this scandal is going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as 14.5 million ready meals across 13 European countries may have contained horsemeat whilst labelled as beef or …

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The Seven Principles of HACCP

Food safety is a serious concern for any manufacturers who produce or package edible materials. In the 1960s, several companies came together to create a food safety and risk assessment plan. Through this plan, called HACCP (and pronounced hassup), anyone can properly recognise risk and handle it in order to avoid any food contamination or …

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How Food Safety Inspections Help You

When you visit a restaurant, you have the right to know the food you eat is safe, and the dining establishment is clean. In order to ensure all restaurants or eateries are following proper health codes, your local government employs Environmental Health Officers who perform regular food safety inspections. These inspections are designed to help …

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Third Listeria Death Linked to Jindi Cheese Recall

The Jindi cheese recall, as we have already discussed, has been a continuing problem over the past several months. To date, almost thirty different people have been diagnosed with listeria as a side effect of eating the cheese. Over 100 different products from the Jindi cheese company have been recalled, but people who either ate …

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Food Allergies

While the reason is still unknown, the number of food allergies is rising. Each year, more children are diagnosed with the problem. There are some allergies that last only a few years and will resolve themselves over time. However, there are also those conditions that last for a lifetime. Because of the growing concern, awareness …

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Food Safety Fines in Brisbane

The vast majority of the restaurants located throughout Brisbane have taken steps to ensure they are providing safe food in a clean environment. However, there have been dining establishments fined for their noncompliance with food safety standards. The fines for these violations are quite steep in order to discourage repeat offenses. Well Known Fines and …

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Calendar Cheese Recall

There is often a concern over contamination in cheese products, and food standards and practices generally ensure products you purchase are safe. However, the occasional contaminated cheese food does get past an inspection, leading to a food safety recall. A recent concern over a type of cheese has to do with microbial contamination, which means …

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Is Aspartame Safe?

It seems that every few years a new study comes out about aspartame, making people seriously consider its safety. This artificial sweetener is used in a number of products, especially diet beverages.  While the sweetener has long been in use, a few studies have shown concern that the artificial sweetener can cause cancer. Of course, …

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The Ultimate Guide to Food Safety

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Food Poisoning

Eaten a dodgy prawn? Worried about the wisdom of that 2am kebab? Something not quite right with the cream on the dessert you just polished off? Don’t worry – you are not alone! There are more than 5 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year – that’s more than 11,000 every day. Luckily, …

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