News for: January 2013


Refrigerator Tips for Food Safety

Food of all types must be stored at the proper temperature. If foods are not kept cold or hot enough, then they will reach the danger zone, and this is the area in which bacteria will start to grow. If you keep foods in the refrigerator, then it becomes extremely important that you know how …

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Safe Food Waste Disposal Guide for Queensland Residents

With many homes across Queensland affected by floods and power outages in recent days, it’s important to remember that food waste needs to be disposed of safely and correctly in order to prevent cross-contamination of non-spoiled food and storage facilities. For Brisbane residents, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has announced that there will be 50 food …

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Recall on Favor Swallow Bean Sauce

The Favor Swallow Bean Sauce in specific containers has been recalled. This product is made by the Delin Australia Trading Pty Ltd and is sold in Asian Supermarkets specifically in Victoria. Some packages of this product have been contaminated with bacteria. As with any food recall, it is vitally important for consumers to watch out …

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Food Safety

Plastic Bits in White Wings Creamies Biscuits

Many times, food recalls have to do with bacteria contamination, and those recalls can cause people to become very ill. However, some product recalls do involve other situations that could be potentially dangerous. The White Wings Creamies Biscuits would fall under the other situations category. In this recall, the concern is not to do with …

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The Jindi Cheese Recall Continues

In 2012, a food recall began on Jindi cheeses because some of the products were contaminated with Listeria (a microbial bacterium). The original recall covered a few products available from the Lactalis Jindi Pty Ltd. However, a new recall has continued the concern, and this one covers a much larger group of products from the …

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Flannerys Own Almonds Food Recall

Many people assume that if a food recall is a few months old, it no longer applies. However, this is not always the case. Often, foods that have been recalled have “best by” dates that are months or even years into the future. Consumers could have foods in their pantries that are a part of …

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Oranges in a bowl

Dried Mint from TR Kuru Nane on the Recall List

The problem with dried herbs is that they can sit on a shelf for a very long time before they are used. These herbs can last more than a year, and many consumers buy them with the intention of using them down the road. This means that a product that was recalled last year could …

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Baking bread

Considering Food Safety When You Shop

Did you know that you can start protecting your family from food poisoning the moment that you walk into the supermarket? In fact, if you make smart decisions about where you shop, what you shop for, and how you shop, you can start practicing food safety right away. This is a good way to ensure …

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Bacteria growing

Three Microorganisms that Cause Food Poisoning

Food poisoning actually is caused by microorganisms that are in the food that we eat and may not be destroyed by cooking. There are actually three different categories of these microorganisms that could cause food poisoning if proper food safety precautions are not followed. These three types are: bacteria, virus, and parasite. Bacteria This is …

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Raw Chicken

Recall on Lenard’s Pty Ltd Minced Chicken

This recall is very important because it covers a variety of different products and can be very dangerous for the health of consumers. While most products involve just one specific package or packaging date on them, this recall covers a variety of different minced chicken packages and products. As a consumer, you need to be …

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