News for: October 2012

Fish Market

Food Poisoning in the Netherlands and United States Traced Back to Fish Firm

The source of recent outbreak of salmonella poisoning affecting people in both the Netherlands and the United States have been traced back to a Dutch company that specializes in manufacturing smoked salmon products according to recent reports.

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Depositphotos_223069_original3 copy

Kroger Cuts Sprouts from Inventory Due to Safety Risks

Sprouts have been getting a bad rap lately due to recent health concerns that have been raised. Now Kroger has put another nail in the imminent coffin of the sprout industry by announcing that it’s removing sprouts from the shelves of its 2,425 stores because of potential health concerns.

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Recent Salmonella Outbreak Related to Almonds Had Australians Questioning the Safety of Ready-to-Eat Nuts

For as long as many people walking the earth today can remember, packaged, ready-to-eat nuts have been considered a safe and nutritious food option for people of all ages. However, recent issues that tie bacterial outbreaks related to organisms like salmonella and listeria to nuts have many Australians, as well as people all over the world, questioning the safety of these items.

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Peanut butter

More People Ill from Contaminated American Peanut Butter

The recent occurrences of salmonella poisoning from tainted American peanut products haven’t tapered off just yet. The already reported number of 35 cases of illness has now risen to 38 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Assessing the Link Between Genetically Modified Corn and Cancer

Recently, the food safety and food health worlds were both rocked when French scientist Gilles-Eric Seralini made a shocking announcement in regards to a proposed link between consumption of genetically modified corn and the development of cancer.

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Imported American Ricotta Found to Be Contaminated With Listeria: Recall Has Been Issued

After four people have died of complications related to listeria poisoning, food safety authorities have linked the outbreak to a popular brand of ricotta cheese imported from the US and sold in Australia, according to the Australian Food News this week.

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Dole Announces Recall on Prepackaged Salad Green Due to Listeria Contamination Risk

Food safety officials at Dole Fresh Vegetables have announced a recall on a number of prepackaged salad products after samples tested positive for unsafe levels of Listeria monocytogene.

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Meat and cheese

Mike’s Meats Orders Recalls on Prager Leg Ham

It’s been recently announced by chief health officer Dr. Andrew Pengilly that a recall has been issued on Prager Leg Ham. Prager Leg Ham is carried at all Mike’s Meats retails stores, as well as a number of other butcher outlets in the area

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French GM Researcher Seralini Urged By Science Community to Release Full Data on Maize Study

Those who have been following the news wires in regards to genetic modification in crops are no doubt familiar with French researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini and his recently released study results in regards to genetically modified maize strain NK603.

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Woman in the factory working in white clothes

New South Wales Bakehouse Owner Prosecuted Over Salmonella Outbreak

The NSW Food Authority successfully completed prosecution of a former Welsh Bankstown bakery director this month ( The case was over a recent outbreak of salmonella that found 83 people ill. Of these 83, 20 of the victims were hospitalized. The outbreak itself occurred in January of 2012.

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