News for: September 2012

Fruit and vegetable

Aussie Grocery Bills Grow as Citizens Rally to Support Local Growers

Recent studies show that Australian citizens’ grocery bills are skyrocketing as they rally behind locally sourced agriculturalists, growers, and other food providers. Some experts in the industry guesstimate that this could lead up to expense increases to the tune of thousands of dollars per year.

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Salmonella Outbreak in the United States Traced Back to Mangoes

A recent summer salmonella outbreak in the United States has been traced back to mangoes originating in Mexico. This outbreak has been ongoing for a period of time and has reportedly sickened over 105 people in 16 different states across the nation.

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Mince meat

Pink Slime Manufacturers Sue Television Networks

By now, everyone knows the term “pink slime” and thinks of it with a shudder and that’s exactly what has the company behind it so angry. The manufacturers behind the now infamous product have decided to sue the American TV network ABC News for not only coining the term, but for the derogatory coverage of the stories surrounding it.

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